5 Must Try Foods To Eat In Golden  Triangle India Tour


Golden  Triangle India Tour Package

A paradise for gourmets, India is full of many opportunities to taste local specialties and tantalize the taste buds. Here in this article we talk about the 5 must try foods to eat in Golden  Triangle India Tour. Also, you can request to you tour planner these 5 foods include in your Golden Triangle India Tour Package.

With so many dishes exported, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between authentic dishes and watered down versions.

Golden Triangle India Tour

To help you navigate India’s epic food scene, we’ve put together this list of 5 must-try foods to eat on the Golden Triangle India Tour. And if you’re a foodie, check out the best destinations for authentic dining experiences in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

1) Chaat Taste in Delhi

Synonymous with Delhi’s street vendors, chaat is one of India’s most delicious savory snacks. The name derives from three Hindi words meaning ‘a delicacy’, ‘finger licking’ and ‘devour with relish’ and this dish truly lives up to its heritage. Although there are now a plethora of different varieties, the original chaat is a wonderful combination of chunks of diced potato, crispy fried bread and chickpeas topped with fresh coriander leaves, yogurt and ginger sauce. dried and tamarind. Do like a local and seek out a local dhaba, where the city’s specialty chaat variety will be available almost all hours of the day.

2) Dal Makhani Taste North India

Most foodies will have heard of or tasted dal, but there’s nothing quite like tasting the original dish in the country it originated from. Dal is the Hindi word for lentils, and this soup-like delicacy is made by simmering small black lentils for hours. Although there are many varieties of this lentil dish, dal makhani is one of a kind. It is considered the best of the best and is reserved for large events like weddings. With makhani meaning ‘butter’ in Hindi, there’s no price guessing just how rich and creamy this Indian classic tastes. Head to Punjab in northern India to taste the real deal.

3) Pani Puri Taste in Delhi

Pani puri, or gol guppa, are believed to originate from the northern state of Bihar. A perfect street snack, pani puri are deep-fried dumplings made from semolina or wheat. They are served with spicy potatoes, chickpeas and spicy tamarind water. Eating pani puri is an experience in itself, as you traditionally open the top of the fried shell with a spoon before filling it with the delicious accompaniments. Most Indians eat each pani puri in one quick bite, to prevent the filling from spilling out of the delicate case. This infamous street snack unites most of the country – everyone from local students to city businessmen can be found devouring them.

4) Pyaz ki kachori Taste in Jaipur

One of the most prominent food in Jaipur city is Pyaz Ki Kachori. One of Jaipur’s favorite snacks is Pyaz Kachori, a fried whole wheat pastry stuffed with fried onions and other spices (not too healthy but health conscious while having amazingly delicious kachoris) that also from Rawat Mishtan Bhandar, Kota Kachori, and the famous spot of Kachori from DMB Jaipur. As a result, this food fill your mouth with mouthfuls of yum kachori this time in Jaipur. Eating Pyaz Kachori in Rawat Mishtan Bhandar is one of the best things to do in Jaipur Sightseeing Tour.

5) Mughlai – The Best Food In Agra

Mughal cuisine is the trademark of Agra and is considered a token or souvenir of the Mughal era. Mughlai cuisine has a large number of dishes to offer. It consists mainly of meat-flavored dried nuts.

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