5 Ways To Teach Digital Literacy


With the advancement of technology and after the pandemic situation digital literacy has become one of the top priorities.

Digital literacy is the need of the hour because in the educational or academic aspect digital literacy is necessary for teaching as well as using technology in an educational setting. Students are comfortable using an array of digital tools but those are not necessarily used for learning purposes.

Students who are learning about information technology seek Free Paper Checker from experts who are available online.

Online writing services with the help of technology can offer top-notch solutions to students struggling to meet their academic requirements. There are several ways to become digitally literate and have a better understanding.

  1. Emphasise the importance of critical thinking

The majority of media that you come across today comes from different online sources but not all of them are credible. However, a lot of sources are credible and offer so much information that is easily available but one needs to have an Internet connection.

They can learn a lot about a single topic which is a positive thing because you do not have to rampage through piles of books.

But the negative side of online sources is that you are susceptible to misinformation, some minimal messages, and fake news.

Keeping this in mind teaching digital literacy can help students to understand which information is accurate and become critical consumers.

Students can go online and search for answers to different questions by going straight to the source and verifying the objectivity of the answer.

  • Use social media for learning and collaborating

Since most students are quite active on social media they are way more adept at using different platforms a lot better than the teachers.

So if a teacher is considering making their students digitally literate they should not focus on introducing digital platforms or social platforms they can explain how to use these platforms in an educational context.

For example, teachers can ask students to use Pinterest boards where they can provide and receive feedback during group projects.

You just can even use Twitter to create polls for research purposes, while Facebook and LinkedIn can be used to connect with their peers or even make professional connections with whom they can collaborate after completing their studies.

  • Provide guidance on how to avoid plagiarism

Another serious issue is plagiarism which students do not realise until their paper is rejected. No doubt Internet and technology offer a lot of advantages and opportunities for students to collect information and browse different topics but the risk of plagiarism is much higher. Research shows that students do not understand plagiarism but they also do not want to know what it is or how to avoid it.

However, it is crucial for students to learn how to completely avoid plagiarism. When students copy or use certain phrases and ideas that they have found online they do not properly cite the source.

This can ultimately surprise them by indicating that certain section is plagiarised so when researching students need to note down the sources and cite the original work using the correct citation and properly supporting a discussion with references.

  • Help students manage digital distractions

With technology and online tools comes distraction spell star digital tools and online resources have made learning a lot easier than before and it has become more effective. But it is also quite distracting because students cannot refrain from using these digital sources.

So students need to learn how to juggle multiple media streams without getting distracted from the purpose of using them and focusing on these studies.

Research indicates that many students struggle with digital distraction which can make them distant and drained and it also reduces the enjoyment of experiences.

It also states that those who multitask special students receive poor grades. There are several distraction management strategies that students need to implement like taking tech breaks throughout the day, using productivity tools, muting notifications while studying, etc.

  • Guide students out of their comfort zone

Every student has a comfort zone when using technology but they need to become more innovative and become well-rounded to use it up technology.

Teachers need to guide students out of their comfort zone whenever it is possible for them. Some students are used to using Twitter or Instagram where communication is made using short and distinct paragraphs and using hashtags.

These students need to move out of that place and right an in-depth blog post where they can voice their opinion.

While some students are quite experienced in blogging but they need to think out of the box and work on video journals or podcasts.

Whatever may be the case students need to have the freedom of choice and teachers need to encourage them to use technology in creative and new ways and bring the best out of their abilities.

Wrapping it up,

The above-discussed points can help you to become a digitally literate person and help you to use the different ways that you can get accustomed to using different technological sources. Moreover, there are several experts who offer Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help to students at low prices so if a student does not know how to use online tools for delivering error-free paper, they can seek help.

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