7 Amazing Things You Were Unaware About Chrome


Google Chrome is one of the most used widely used web browsers in the world. Though we use Google Chrome every day there are several features of this operating system that we are unaware of or have not explored yet. Here are 7 Amazing Things You Might Not Be Aware Of Chrome.

#1 Integrated YouTube Control

Chrome now allows you to control YouTube no matter what tab is currently open. When playing a video on the platform, the browser menu will feature a music note icon. Click it to see what you’re currently playing. Either control playback right from this pop-up window or click the video’s title to force YouTube open.

#2 Share Chrome With Guest Mode

Chrome syncs your bookmarks, history, passwords, and settings across multiple devices. By keeping your account synced, you will be automatically signed into Gmail, YouTube, Search, and other Google services. It can also prove invaluable if you lose your phone or need to migrate to a new device.

However, if someone needs to borrow your device for a time, you probably don’t want them to have access to all your information. In this case, set them up with a guest profile using Chrome’s Guest Mode. Click your icon in the top-right corner of the browser and click Guest. A new window will open declaring that you have entered Guest Mode. When finished, close out the window, and all browsing history, cookies, and other site data will be removed from Chrome.

#3 Go Back in Time

Your back button can do more than go to the previous page. Want to go back to the page you were looking at 3 hours ago? Press and hold the back button in a particular tab in Chrome to get a drop-down list of every site you’ve recently viewed within the tab. 

#4 Play Audio Video File

Chrome can do more than just open up websites. If you drag an audio file or a video file into a new tab then you’ll be able to play it right inside your browser, as long as it’s in a reasonably popular and well-known format. It’s unlikely that Chrome is going to replace your default media player anytime soon because the playback controls and features you get are basic, but it can help when you want to quickly open up a file on your system.

#5 Group Tabs Together

Tab together Google Chrome is tab grouping, which lets you organize your tabs into collections with labels and colors. Right-click on the header of any open tab and choose Add tab to a new group to get started. Open the same right-click menu and you’re able to add new tabs to a group, take tabs out of a group, and so on. Click and drag the label of a tab group to move it; click once to show or hide the group.

#6 Clean Up Chrome

Chrome is typically a speedy browser, the browser has some built-in tools to help fix the issue. Under Settings > Advanced > Reset and clean up, click Clean up the computer to use Chrome’s internal antivirus to find and remove any harmful software that could interfere with the browser. If this doesn’t work, click Reset settings to their original defaults, which will reset your startup page, new tab page, search engine, and pinned tabs, as well as disable extensions and clear temporary data like cookies. Bookmarks, history, and saved passwords will not be deleted.

#7 Get Results From The Omnibox

The Omnibox up at the top of the Chrome interface is more powerful than you might think to try running calculations or conversions in the box and you’ll see the results before you’ve even hit Enter. You can also just type “weather” to see a quick forecast pop up instantly, no websites or web searches are required. You can also get brief word definitions right in the Omnibox too if you type in “define” followed by the word you want to look up. Since the Chrome Omnibox functions just like the Google search bar, it also performs some of the same tricks. The Omnibox can solve math problems, answer basic questions, and perform conversions before you’re even done typing your search.  

Special Tip 

#Change Theme 

Change chrome theme according to your choice. Open the browser menu and pick Settings, Appearance, and Theme to browse the Chrome Web Store for new themes. You’ll find all kinds of color themes and artwork here, from artists and users and from Google itself, and you can always go back to the original look again with a click.

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