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9 Unique Ideas For A Pre - Wedding Photoshoot. - Adbell Media
Best ideas for pre-wedding shoot

Pre-wedding Photoshoots have become a trend amongst couples nowadays. Couples want to make the best of their memories as they start with a new phase of their life. Couples want to choose unconventional locations, and experiment with themes, fusing props, taking candids, and many more. With an increasing number of pre-wedding shoots, the expectations of couples to capture the most beautiful and unique pre-wedding photos are also increasing. Such an increase in demand for photoshoots has given rise to many new techniques that can make your pre-wedding photoshoot a fantastic one.

In order to look unique, the most romantic, and the best, couples look for creativity and innovative themes. For a perfect pre-wedding photoshoot not only the photographer but the couple have to contribute equally to make it a success.

#1 Attention All Aquaphiles

If you and your partner love swimming then a water theme pre-wedding photoshoot can turn out to be the best idea for you. You can pose underwater wearing different costumes and enjoy the water dance. You can even play sports and go on a photo shoot. Couples must try out this pre-wedding photoshoot idea as you will cherish the fun, love, and feel the romance when you are in the water with your beloved. The underwater photoshoot has been a craze amongst the couples who are getting married.  

#2 Food Lovers

If you want to represent something unique in your pre-wedding shoot? or give a special touch to your wedding life then couples must try out the Food Pre-wedding Photoshoot. Such photo shoots are different and exciting as you are not just shooting but enjoying too at the same time. Devour the tasty food with your beloved and enjoy posing simultaneously. So, all those who are food lovers should not miss using this theme. Choose this pre-wedding shoot idea, if you are a foodie couple. 

#3 Go Dramatic

If you are a filmy couple or are dramatic in real life then Bollywood pre-wedding photoshoot is the best theme for you. You can make your dream of re-living those iconic moments with your love by going for such pre-wedding photography. You can be her Raj and she’ll be your Simran in your dream film world, or you can be Aditya and she’ll be your Geet of JAb We Met. You can make your pre-wedding memorable by taking inspiration from Bollywood. Every couple once in their life have imagined themselves as the lead actor or actress in some of their favorite movies. You can go select one such romantic movie and recreate those moments with your partner.

#4 In-house Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Nothing can give you that comfort and relaxation than your own home. If you are a Netflix couple, who love enjoying web series together or just a couple who love lazy Sundays, then the couple’s secret desire can now turn into reality via an in-house pre-wedding shoot. Couples would love to go for the In-house pre-wedding photo-shoot because this is surely the cutest and the most romantic one can ever think of.

#5 Photoshoot With Your Best Buddies

Good friends are like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have It is always said that friends are forever so how about including them in your pre-wedding shoot? After all, they have been teasing you ever since you decided to get married! Pose candid or deliberately, your friends will surely add humor to your pre-wedding photoshoot. 

#6 Get Clicked With Your Furry Friend

“In my happy mood and my sad mood, somebody was constantly in my lap to make me feel comfy and that was my pet.” These furry friends have always loved us no matter what so getting a photoshoot with them will be very exciting and awesome. Show your love towards them by including them in your pre-wedding photo-shoot. Pets never leave your side and will walk with you in any situation as they are coming with you on your new journey let them share their space with you. 

#7 A Black & White Theme Photoshoot

If you are a couple who love the classic black and white theme, then this pre-wedding photoshoot idea is for you. Dwell into the black and white color theme and spread your love via classical theme. This pre-wedding will surely be timeless and classic for the lovely couple.

#8 The Beach Lovers

Beach pre-wedding shoots have recently become a trend and are being picked up by many couples. Due to the beautiful sunsets and gorgeous surroundings, it adds endless charm to the photo-shoot. A beach photoshoot seems perfect with all that beachwear and poses which will surely make your pre-wedding shoots adorable and worth remembering. Even if you are not a beach lover you can go for a hand-in-hand romantic walk which will give the best photoshoot vibes.

#9 Props Photoshoot 

Little props that are cute will add a different value to your pre-wedding shoot. The props include the things that you love like adding Holi colors in the background will make your photo-shoot look colorful or using photo frames, chalk art, etc can make your pre-wedding stand out completely. Such pre-wedding concepts will definitely enhance the amount of fun during your shoot, rest leave on the photographer to create magic with his editing.

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