Actors Kangana Ranaut & Diljit Dosanjh took their social media platform to grill each other. On Thursday they got involved in a bitter war of words on their Twitter accounts over the farmers’ protest where Kangana blamed Shaheen Bagh protester Bilkis Bano for being a part of the farmer’s protests. But soon she realized that she had misidentified a Punjabi identity, to the Delhi riots protestor Bilkis Bano. They indulged in an ugly spat with each other and people watched their messy fight over social media.

One being a celebrity singer-actor from Punjab and the other a Bollywood star known for her bold and confident statements, began quarreling on the social media platform and continued till the next day. What happened was that early this week Ranaut misidentified a woman farmer from Punjab as Bilkis Bano, who was a leading protestor during the Anti-CAA protest. She had made international headlines and was in the limelight during the protests earlier this year in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi. Kangana shared a tweet alleging that the ‘Shaheen Bagh Dadi’ was present in the farmers’ agitation over the new Agri laws at various border points of the national capital.

What Kangana had said?

She had retweeted the post with pictures of two elderly women, proving both identical to Bilkis Bano, and wrote that the “same Dadi” was featured in Time Magazine and she is the one who is “available in 100 rupees”. She had thrown an ax on her own feet & soon realized that both the women in the photo shared by her were different. Twitter users pointed out that Ranaut reportedly deleted her tweet as soon as she apprehended the fact. After that, she had invited a floodgate of arguments for herself and Diljit ingeniously replied to her comments on Twitter.

How Diljit responded?

Dosanjh on Kangana’s reply shared an interview on BBC News of the woman who she had falsely recognized as Bilkis Bano. The woman in the farmer’s protest had tweeted and claimed that her name is Mahinder Kaur and she belongs to a farmer’s family. Dosanjh hails from Dosanjh Kalan village near Jalandhar, Punjab who replied to Ranaut in Punjabi by saying, 

“Listen to this with proof, Kangana. One shouldn’t be so blind. You are saying just about anything.” 

The farmers in the protest are mostly from Punjab and Haryana, who united and marched to Delhi and at different points within national borders to show their discontentment for the new Agri Bill. They majorly found support from Punjabi stars and singers Ranjit Bawa and Himanshi Khurana.

On contrary, Kangana Ranaut called Dosanjh, a “bootlicker” & Karan Johar’s “pet”. She also said her comments were directed towards Bilkis Bano and not Mahinder Kaur. She said that he should be ashamed of defending a person who incited the Delhi riots in Shaheen Bagh. 

Dosanjh is a popular name in Punjabi films who got national fame with the 2016 Hindi movie Udta Punjab and got into the limelight. He asked if she was a sycophant of everyone she has worked with and said that the list will be long then. He further alleged Ranaut, “These people aren’t from Bollywood, they are from Punjab. You know how to lie and prompt people by playing with their emotions,” he said.

Saying his Punjabi identity, Dosanjh said that she should be ashamed of being a woman, she doesn’t have the manners and respect to talk to someone’s mother or sister. He said “Our mothers are god for us. You have beaten up a hornet’s nest. Google the Punjabi,” he said.

He remarked by saying“ What do you want? Every word you say is like that. They are like God for us. Did nobody teach you any etiquette of speaking? Punjabis will teach you how to speak to those who are elder to you”. This way the arguments went on and on. 

Provocative commentaries

Responding to a tweet by Congress MP from Ludhiana Ravneet Singh Bittu, who has asked Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh to initiate FIRs against Dosanjh and singer Jazzy B among others for being ‘Khalistani elements’ hijacking the agitation, Ranaut said he was revealing the truth about “terrorists”.

“Sycophants and terrorists want to divide this country. They are dragging dadi without any reason to set their agenda. Shame on tukde gang,” she said. In response, Dosanjh said it was she who want to come into the limelight & gain publicity as it’s obvious to everyone that she was going to join politics. Kangana called Punjab “the heart of the country” which should be secured and get rid of the “terrorists”. Dosanjh replied that India was not hers alone and accused Ranaut of trying to hinder a peaceful protest. Other known Punjabi singer Ranjit Bawa supported him in his views and said, “We all love him. Sardars aren’t anyone’s slaves. We all have come upon our own.”

Himanshi Khurana, who was lately seen in Big Boss 13, also replied to Dosanjh’s tweet and wrote that Kangana Ranaut had blocked both her and Ranjit Bawa for proving her wrong. She said, “She blocked me, Ranjit Bawa, but didn’t block you Diljit because she wanted to pass that comment about Karan to you. Opportunist.”

Several farmers have gathered at Delhi’s gateways to demand a withdrawal of the Centre’s Agri Bill. The farmers who are protesting are concerned about the new laws and are fully against it as they think that the bill will kill their safety cushion of a Minimum Support Price (MSP) and their acquisition system. They think that the government that has provided the mandi system is worthless and only guarantees earnings for various stakeholders in the farm sector & gives no gain to the farmers.