Access to health ATM: The economical and viable solution to the rural healthcare system


Do you know about the health ATM? How it is beneficial in healthcare? More than half a percentage of the Indian population is the residents of rural areas. 

The people who are living in rural areas are deprived of healthcare facilities due to the distances, lack of doctors, poor medical infrastructure, lack of awareness of the disease, no access to medicine, etc. 

In this way, there is a high prevalence of the diseases such as Malaria, diabetes, etc. occurring in rural areas. It is determined that the primary care center are not equipped to give the best healthcare services. 

It indicates that there is a high need to have the best healthcare software, that is, clinics, on cloud health ATMs. In this article, we will see the changes that come in rural areas when they get access to health ATMs. 

The success of the health kiosks: It strengthens the primary healthcare services

  • Health kiosks are developed by the clinics on the cloud. Now, many states use this best software in the healthcare industry, named the health ATM kiosks.
  •  It is considered a good initiative that is taken in the medical industry to promote primary healthcare screening. 
  • The main reason behind using the health kiosks is to upgrade the healthcare services in the rural regions that are facing the problem of a lack of health professionals. 
  • They provide a full body checkup in a few minutes. It also disseminates preventive and primary healthcare services through integrated point-of-care testing devices.
  • It also gives a quick snapshot of the health of the patient. In this way, it strengthens the capacity of primary healthcare. 

Diagnostic, medical devices integration, and the screening facilities 

Health ATM kiosks are integrated with the medical devices by which the point of care testing is enabled. 

  • This software consists of a pulse oximeter, HB analyzer, infrared thermometer, blood pressure machine, fetal heart rate, etc.
  •  It covers the broad scope of the diagnostic facilities, and the healthcare screening consists the maternal and infant, non-communicable diseases, and general tests. 
  • It also covers many parameters, from the basic tests to the rapid tests, along with instant health reports.
  •  It usually collects the data from the integrated devices in this software. 

A well-being health checkpoint in the public places 

Along with giving the healthcare facilities at the primary healthcare centers, this software system, health ATM, is also used as the well-being and health checkpoint that permits the users to go through instant body checkups. 

  • At the places such as railway stations and airports, where passengers are waiting for their flights and trains, it can be used for the quick checkup of passengers. 
  • In this way, their waiting time is put to good use. It also helps people to live in a healthy environment and serve as the correction checkpoint of their lifestyle. 
  • Health kiosks play an important role in improving the behavior and lifestyle habits of humans. 
  • It also plays an important part in employee health welfare activities and better management. 


As concluded from the above facts, health ATM kiosks is the economical and affordable tools that play an important role in upgrading primary healthcare services. Patients can easily access the general testing itself. If they use this kiosk software, then there is no need to visit the labs and get the tests done. 

It strengthens the rural healthcare system and helps people to live healthy lifestyles and stay away from health issues.

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