A dry run for Covid-19 vaccinations is being conducted today i.e. 2nd January 2021 by all the State and UT governments. The ministry has proposed that the dry run will be conducted in all state capitals in at least three session sites. “Some states will also include districts that are situated in difficult terrain/have poor logistical support; Maharashtra and Kerala are likely to schedule the dry run in major cities other than their capital,” Dr. Harsh Vardhan said (Union Health Ministry).

“Earlier, a two-day dry run to assess the readiness of the mechanism laid out for the Covid-19 immunization drive was successfully conducted in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, and Assam,” the Union Health Ministry said on Tuesday. Field feedback on the first day of the dry run was reviewed on December 29 through video conferencing with state and district program officers by the joint secretary (Public Health).

“All the states expressed satisfaction in terms of operational approach and use of IT platform to ensure transparency and effective monitoring of vaccination processes expected to cover a large number of people across the country. “Additional suggestions on IT platform were also noted for further enhancement of Co-WIN platform. Detailed insights and feedback obtained will help enrich the operational guidelines and IT platform, and will strengthen the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out plan,” the ministry said.

Guidelines for Authorities

  1.  Prepare at least three model session sites in each state (at state capital) for demonstration
  2. Ensure physical verification of all proposed sites for the adequacy of space, logistical arrangements, internet connectivity, electricity, safety, etc
  3. The vaccine introduction will be planned following the operational guidelines issued by the health ministry on 20 December.
  4. In Delhi, the dry run will be at Venkateshwara Hospital in South West district
  5. The nationwide dry run comes as the first vaccine candidate — Covishield developed by Oxford/Astrazeneca — inches towards getting approval in India.
  6. Some states will also include districts that are situated in difficult terrain/have poor logistical support.

Around 19,079 new Covid cases were recorded on 1st January 2021, bringing the total number of score records to over 1 crore and 3 lakh. Out of these, 2.5 lakh are active cases. If we talk about the death record, a total of 224 deaths were reported on Friday, which is said to be the lowest since June 2 last year.

In a virtual review meeting with Delhi government officials on Friday, Vardhan said, “Let us attempt to implement it as a real exercise with attention to the minutest detail. Proper coordination will go a long way in building mutual understanding…” Drawing from the pulse polio drive of 1994 in Delhi, he said that relevant stakeholders, NGOs, civil society organizations, and others need to be mobilized. He also emphasized and pressurized the need for adequate security arrangements at session sites, cold chain points, and during vaccine transportation. 

India has received its first and the best new year gift of 2020 which is the first vaccine against the novel coronavirus that has killed almost 1.5 lakh and sickened more than 1 crore Indians. The recommendation of the Subject Expert Committee (SEC) has come two days after regulators in the United Kingdom approved the use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine among the British public. The Central Government has somewhere succeeded in bringing smiles on the public’s face and prepares to boost immunities of many.