Apple Introduces New Airpods: ‘Golden Airpods Max’. Know-How Much Is The Cost?


American smartphone technology Apple launched its first golden pair of headphones, the ‘AirPods Max’ previous year. The golden coating of the AirPods is designed by a Russian company Caviar. Not only the golden AirPods but the price of AirPods Max has also amazed the people and has created a buzz. If we talk about the Apple AirPods Max price it usually costs around Rs. 59,900. This Caviar Limited Edition Apple AirPods Max, are nearly 10 times more expensive as compared to other companies. It’s common to digest the prices of Apple AirPods because of the brand ‘Apple’. The dashing look of Airpods Pro Max has made every other headphone look a lot more affordable. From the prices, it is clear that Apple is marketing them as a luxury product, with features for Apple iPhone and iPad users like Spatial Audio and active Noise Cancellation with one tap.

The Caviar limited Edition of the Apple headphones is covered with 18-carat pure gold and made of crocodile leather from top to bottom. The headphones or the Airpods Pro Max Gold is available in two colors which are black and white, while Apple also offers them in three other pastels despite the fact that Caviar is limiting the luxurious Gold version to just two colors. Apple AirPods Max is powered by the Apple H1 chip and costs USD 1,08,000 which is approx Rs 78,93,963.

Apart from Apple AirPods Max, Caviar is also planning to launch its special edition variants of the Nike Air Jordan sneakers, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21, and the recently launched Sony PlayStation 5, which will also be layered with pure gold and crocodile leather.

The retail price of these Apple AirPods on their official websites is nearly $108,000. If you want to purchase from India then they can be bought for Rs 79 lakhs. But if they offer free shipping across the globe, then probably you will have to pay a heavy custom duty according to the prices mentioned on their website which will amount to another 20-30% hike on the price.

AirPods Max extends battery life with up to 20 hours of high-fidelity audio, talk time, or movie playback with Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio enabled. AirPods Max users can switch to Transparency mode if they want to listen to music together with hearing the environment around them ensuring everything, including a user’s own voice, sounds natural while the audio plays perfectly.

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