Top 5 Best Hostels In Anjuna Beach North Goa


Budget trips in North Goa are very trendy these days. Many people want to save money. Backpackers tend to explore more by doing this. Traveling in luxury is nice, but traveling on a budget is even better.

Ever wondered why backpackers have a big friend circle? It’s because they travel more, save more money, and meet new people everywhere. But where do these budget travelers stay while traveling?

Anjuna beach has all the attractions of North Goa such as its beaches, water sports, nightlife, flea markets, etc. That’s the reason why the majority of visitors come to Anjuna Beach in North Goa. Travelers come there of many types – some are for luxury and others for budget-saving backpackers.

Mostly, people go to South Goa to find luxury. Rest people who come to the north-side look to stay and enjoy their beautiful journey. Some of the best backpackers hostels in Anjuna Beach North Goa are discussed below.

5 Best Backpackers Hostels In Anjuna Beach North Goa

Are you also looking for backpackers’ hostels? If yes, then this blog can be proven as perfect for you to know about these 5 best hostels in Anjuna Beach North Goa.

Anjoned Hostel & Cafe

Anjoned hostel is like a dream come true for every backpacker. It has well-decorated rooms, refreshing décor, magnificent cafes, and hospitality that’s beyond comparison.

Do you know what’s the best part of Anjoned Hostel? This place is open for all backpackers, even if you go there with family, friends, and office colleagues.

The hostel has some magical explorations nearby, which can take away all your troubles. You must have dreamt of listening to live music. It is very soothing to our ears and our minds. This dream can come true here.

You may enjoy breathtaking food, remarkable bars and beverages, and phenomenal live music while also playing brilliant games.

Moustache Goa Hostel

Keep enjoying yourself and have a wonderful day with your family here. Moustache offers convenient guestrooms, enjoyable water sports activities, and much more. This hostel is located in India’s party capital, so you can enjoy the nightlife while also resting throughout the day. The entire experience will be family-centered since there is also space for children.

A neighboring beach, Chapora, is worth a visit; it’s only 1.8 km from your house. An interesting fact is that the “Dil Chahta Hai” sequence was shot at this Chapora location.

Bunkd Hostel

Bunkd Hostel Anjuna is a famous hostel on Goa’s stunning coastline, featuring an in-house restaurant, a green lawn, and indoor activities.

During your stay, you may participate in a variety of indoor games. It has an on-site restaurant and a 24-hour café. Its expansive grounds feature lush green grass. You can enjoy a simple holiday in Goa with on-site ticket and tour help.

Tatva Hostel

Tatva party hostel is 500 meters away from Anjuna Beach. You can match your trip with a stay at this party hostel to experience the finest that they have to offer. They provide clean and stylish individual rooms, as well as AC and non-AC dormitories and free internet.

SPACE lounge is the major location of the party hostel where the magic happens. Their staff has created a perfect ambiance for making new friendships. You can relax in the lounge and prepare meals in the food pantry. They also have a beautiful BAR and a restaurant serving TEXMEX cuisine.

Gaia Hostel

Gaia Hostel in Anjuna Beach North Goa welcomes you with the dazzle of white churches, the typical Portuguese influence, the sparkling spirit of the people, comfortable domestic cottages, and lively beaches.

They offer a host of recreational activities like snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, entertainment, and water sports. They keep you relaxed on their lush green lawn. Their in-house food is also very delicious.

Final Words

You must have heard about backpackers doing budget trips in North Goa. You have also come to know that all of them go to Anjuna Beach once on their Goa trip. But where do these people stay? So we have listed some of the best hostels in North Goa above.

Choosing one hostel among these is a very tough task. By comparing all the facilities, we would like to recommend Anjoned Hostel & Cafe for saving you precious time and money. They provide the best hostel facilities in Anjuna Beach, North Goa, from beautiful rooms to breathtakingly delicious food.

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