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If you want to upgrade or upskill your current skill set, there are a few options you can focus on. It’s good to know which skills will give you the best chance in your career for the best position. The year 2020 is remembered as a bad year because of the pandemic and the world is shut. Every element of the ecosystem has seen fundamental changes, especially business operations and jobs which have changed drastically. While industries are now re-establishing, the skills in employees they are looking for have changed and organizations will be going to select the versatile candidate. 

#1 Digital Skills

Digital skills are the most in-demand skill in the new age of employment skills. In this era the workforce is expected to work from home even in the future, employers will require their candidates to be digitally savvy and socially fit. Companies will prefer candidates who are skilled in web technologies, cybersecurity, and social media. Retail and education sectors have seen an exponential adoption of digitization, while others are upgrading an aggressive digitization strategy to cope up with the current economic situation and prepare for future growth.

#2 Analytical Skills

Analytical skills are evergreen skills appreciated by the organization by which the employee influences future planning and decision making. While this may involve a lot of data crunching but to put it in the right perspective is where analytical skills play a crucial role. These skills are essentials in all functions from financial planning, product development, customer satisfaction, etc.

#3 IT and Cyber Security

It and cybersecurity skills are much needed in the coming future for new technological challenges for long-term digital transformation have retained much-needed IT and technology skills. Some of the most needed skills in the IT/tech space include cloud computing, AI and machine learning, blockchain, reality, and additional reality, user-experience design, and mobile application development.

It and cybersecurity skills will have a significant impact on all sectors of the economy in the future.

#4 Video and Audio Production

Video and audio production is in demand. The demand for video marketing content is high. Video production skills are a great way to isolate yourself and show action, especially if you work for a small company that does not have a dedicated creative or marketing department. The demand for audio production skills has also increased, as has the growing number of podcasts.

#5 Natural Language Processing skill

Voice is moving into more and more projects so speech recognition skills will be more and more valuable. Tools that can create to-dos from a meeting or make voice conversations searchable are just some examples. Don’t be afraid of big datasets and complex problems. Learn the basics about natural language processing, a cross-discipline approach to making computers hear, process, understand and duplicate human speech.

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