Boost Your Business Through Valentine’s Marketing Ideas


There are many ways to engage your existing and potential customers. Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to reach out to your customers, every year businesses take the lead of this holiday to charm customers and grow their revenue.

Here Are Few Marketing Ideas For Your Business

#1 Design a Gift Guide To Your Customer

Design a gift guide for your customer. Get creative accordingly with the sections in your gift guide, here are a few ideas: 

  • By Category – Perfect gift for him/her, couples, moms
  • By Price Range – By price range gifts under how much price
  • By Interest – By interest of buyers like gifts for dog lovers, foodies, boss babes, traveler, and many more
  • By Size – like by L, M, XL.
  • Sections Apart – By Men, women, child.
  • By Theme – Some like floral few like black so sections apart according to the theme as well.

#2 Do a Partnership with Influencers for a Giveaway Product

Giveaway is the most trending topic nowadays, do a partnership with social media influencer who can help promote your giveaway so their followers can enter to win, too! Come up with a few simple instructions that your influencer can share in their post such as liking and commenting on the photo or tagging a certain amount of friends to enter and win for your product and host a social media giveaway for your customers. like romantic date night or items from your product line that fit the holiday.

#3 Do Valentine’s Promotions To Engage the Audience

Go for Valentine’s promotion with surprise boxes, a quiz, an exclusive video, or any other custom content give discount coupons, free shipping, a gift with each purchase, and many more to promote your business by this kind of small thing.

#4 Don’t Forget singles on Valentine

Host some events for singles as well like painting, ask them to “shape” their ideal partner based on the criteria you have chosen propose them to share it on their social networks, and invite their friends to participate.

#5 E-mail A Valentine’s Day card

Send a valentine’s day card to your subscribers and customers include a special offer or promotion along with it. Again, you can market your offer as a special “gift” for your loyal customers instead of promoting products or services for your customers to buy for their loved ones. This email functions as a “Thank You” card and gives you a fabulous reason to reach out to your customers again.

#6 Run a Campaign on Social Media

Publishing a gift guide on your website and sharing it across your social media channels is a great way to inform your customers of available products or new arrivals that complement each other. Run love theme poll all over social media like on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. Beginning of February or only from the 7th onwards. Make it more relevant to your business by including some of your products in the polls.

#7 Use Relevant Hashtags

Use the relevant hashtags on your social media post. Hashtag campaigns are a great way to drive engagement and brand awareness, with the best campaigns resulting in a huge amount of user-generated content. The hashtag campaign is not only for valentine’s week it’s for all your social media hashtags.

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