Many of us want to be fit and takes the resolution to maintain our health regularly. While a large majority fails to do so, physical fitness should always be a priority as it gives you the energy and stamina to achieve more. Fitbit Ionic is a fitness smartwatch through which you can easily achieve your aim. 

The Fitbit Ionic offers so many things like fitness supervision, health insights, music storage, and much more.

Features of Fitbit Ionic

  • Battery Life – Up to 5 days battery life
  • Waterproof – Fitbit Ionic is waterproof resistant up to 50M, so you can wear it in the pool to track your laps, duration, and calorie burn.
  • Convenient and long-lasting – Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protects your screen and a lightweight band keeps you comfortable day and night.
  • Redesign Touch screen – Watch high-resolution color touchscreen keeps graphics crisp and clear and amplifies its brightness up to 1000nits.
  • Fitbit App – Fitbit app give insight into your health and fitness and see how everything you do impact your result.
  • Incredible Compatible – Iconic automatically sync to a computer and 200+android and iPhone devices.
  • Interchangeable Accessories – You can swap and change your styles with watch coolest interchangeable accessories.

Fitbit Ionic with the 1.42 color touchscreen, Have features of showtime, navigate different apps, take calls and texts, check your calendar, make contactless payments, and many more. It’s more specifically related to fitness, you can track all-day activity, observing your steps, heart rate, calories you have burnt, active minutes, hourly activity, etc. This supercool smartwatch assists you to stay excited about exercising. It has wrist-based heart rate data and has a built-in GPS to see an accurate pace. You can track specific workouts in modes like running, cycling, swimming, or lifting weights and get real-time data feedback and post-workout summaries based on your specific session. 

With Smart Track, you can automatically record select exercises and send data to the Fitbit app that syncs across all of your devices. It’s water-resistant so you can safely wear it in the pool or shower. Fitbit Ionic Fitness Smartwatch is available for $152.99. It is the best Fitness watch to wear.