Care After Using Abortion Pills


If you are considering having an abortion, taking care of yourself should be the priority. This means staying healthy, preventing illnesses, and taking care of yourself if you fall ill. If necessary with the help of a health professional. It’s not just about knowing where to buy abortion pills in Dubai and what medicine to take, but more importantly knowing what to eat, what clothes to wear, and how to manage your emotions.

Mental Health Matters

An abortion can be a trying experience and it is best to be prepared so that you can get through this important moment smoothly. As a holistic approach to health, self-care and general well-being are receiving increasing attention and support from individuals and healthcare professionals alike. By taking care of their hygiene, nutrition, and medical needs, people can ensure that their health and well-being are at an optimal level.

Generally speaking, there are two important aspects of self-care in abortion: physical and emotional. You need to keep these two dimensions of abortion self-care in mind. Don’t worry, in this blog, we will tell you how you can take care of yourself before and after your abortion.

Personal Care Before Abortion

Abortion laws

Learn about your rights. Knowledge is always at the center of well-being and self-care. To take full care of yourself, you need to know your rights, what’s allowed and what’s not, who you can talk to, and what protections you have. This is all the more important as abortion laws differ from country to country and are constantly changing. You can view abortion laws in different countries on our website here .

Abortion Process

Knowing the laws is just as important as understanding the abortion process. Abortion is a safe and simple process, but many myths surround it. It is essential that you sort out the misinformation and educate yourself about safe abortion procedures in the context of personal care. This will help you know what to expect during and after the procedure and how to manage your experience. You can learn about both abortion methods on our website – pill abortion and clinic abortion.


If you decide to opt for abortion by pills, it is important that you choose good quality medications from reliable suppliers. It is possible that counterfeit and poor-quality abortion pills are available in the market. But with accurate knowledge and support from professionals, you can easily make the right choice safely and practice self-care. Some things to know include what the tablets look like, their name, their packaging, their cost, how much to take, the signs that they are real and not fake, etc.


Like any medical process, abortion has an effect on our bodies. Whatever the method used – medical abortion or abortion by aspiration – our body will live a medical experience. As part of personal care, be aware of your condition and your bodily needs. It is, of course, to know its state of progress, but also of your health problems and the drugs necessary for their treatment.


In addition to our body, our heart and mind should also be part of our self-care regimen. Abortion can evoke many different feelings. It is important to listen to these feelings and address them accordingly. The main thing is to be kind to yourself. Given the level of stigma and shame that surrounds abortion in many societies, we must remember that abortion is part of our sexual and reproductive health and rights and that we are the only people who can make the best choice for our bodies.

Alimentary Consommation

When preparing for an abortion, it is important to think carefully about your diet. It is advisable to eat as you would during your monthly period, meaning whatever makes you happy, whole, and comfortable, such as your favorite comfort food. The idea is to have some food in the stomach because bleeding can tire you, especially if you are anemic. You should also avoid alcohol and recreational drugs, as they can interfere with other medications you are going to take.

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