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Since the cold room evaporator is one of the four refrigeration components, choosing and matching one is crucial for the overall performance of the refrigeration system. Since the cold room evaporator is one of the four refrigeration components, it plays a significant role in the entire refrigeration system.

Analysis of applications

The cold fan and the exhaust pipe are the two evaporators that are used most frequently in cold storage. Both the real cool fan and the exhaust pipe have benefits and drawbacks.

1. Complement

The top bearing, or suspension load in design, should be taken into account whether the cold storage uses a steel structure or civil engineering. When using aluminum alloy pipe as the top exhaust pipe instead of seamless steel pipe to build the exhaust pipe, the reference value of the design suspension load is 40-50 kg/m2, and when using a cooling fan, only the suspension load of the cooling fan needs to be taken into account locally.

2. Refrigerant charge

The fluorine capacity of the cooling fan only makes up a small portion of the entire refrigeration system because its floor area is small, and its content product is also relatively small. The exhaust pipe’s diameter typically ranges from 22 to 38, and the larger the pipe diameter, the more fluorine the system can hold.

The exhaust pipe shop often adds two to four times as much Freon as the fan shop. The expense of Freon must be considered in the form of rising Freon prices and updating Freon.

3. Initial outlay

The initial cost of an aluminum exhaust pipe is typically higher than an air cooler when choosing just an evaporator. The system with a cooling fan has an overall cost that is 15% to 25% less than the system with an aluminum exhaust pipe, and the cost difference between the two is more pronounced the larger the system. The labor cost for the fabrication and installation of the exhaust pipe is significantly greater than that for the installation of the cooling fan, since the construction time for producing and lifting the exhaust pipe is typically 3–4 times longer than that for installing the cooling fan. Cold air fans are employed in Industrialized nations to keep cold storage cool. On the one hand, this aspect is also considered (labor cost in foreign countries is much higher than that in China).

4. Method of defrosting

Currently, natural defrosting, water washing defrosting, electric defrosting, and hot fluorine defrosting are the most popular ways to defrost cold air blowers in cold storage. The cooling fan’s automated defrosting is simple to understand. Together with the cooling fan’s defrosting down pipe, the defrosting water flows outside the cold storage. Aluminum alloy pipes frequently employ hot fluorine defrosting, but when the pipes are dispersed around the warehouse, water droplets start to fall. Therefore, when defrosting, the goods should be generally transferred or covered with waterproof plastic cloth, which is not as flexible and convenient as the defrosting of a cold fan.

5. Additional electricity use

Under the same other circumstances, the cooling fan’s forced convection requires a motor-driven fan to function, and its daily or twice-daily defrosting necessitates a certain amount of power consumption. In contrast, the exhaust pipe uses natural convection and is typically defrosted twice a year. Its power consumption is also less than that of the cooling fan because it is made of aluminum.

6. Capacity for cold storage

The aluminum exhaust pipe belongs to natural convection and cools somewhat slowly; the cooling fan belongs to forced convection and cools quickly. Therefore, the cold fan storage, exhaust pipe storage, and compressor start-up times are not significantly different from one another in the real operation of the cold storage if the primary refrigeration equipment matching is roughly the same.

The preservation of the total storage temperature is not significantly influenced by the aluminum exhaust pipe’s storage capacity. The enclosure design, insulation procedures used in the storage, and the amount of inventory that may be stored all play a crucial part in maintaining the storage temperature. The operation cost of the cold storage structure with multi-layer and integral polyurethane foam spraying within the civil frame is significantly lower than the cold storage structure with single-layer, steel structure, polyurethane sandwich double-sided color steel plate.

7. Dry Goods Consumption

The primary determinants of dry product consumption are the temperature difference of heat transfer, wind speed, evaporator runtime, and packing technique.

In general, the dry consumption of items kept in cold storage that uses an air conditioner is higher than that of cold storage that uses an exhaust pipe. It should be highlighted that products, not appliances like refrigerators or evaporators, make up the majority of dry consumption. The main issue is what kind of commodities are stored and how to pack them, not which evaporator is the most rational. The issue of dry consumption should not be taken into account for items packaged in plastic bags.

8. Capital efficiency rate

The air cooler’s construction cycle and the exhaust pipe’s construction cycle are separated, as was already explained. The fund is busy and the exhaust pipe construction cycle is lengthy. The air cooler’s rapid construction cycle allows for speedy installation and an early return on investment, leading the market. The monthly rental return is not insignificant if the cold storage fee is around 3 yuan/day/m2.

9. Effectiveness and consistency of quality

The cooling fan is an established item. The consistency of the liquid supply to the exhaust pipe is greatly influenced by the assembly level of the workers, who are trained professionals working in production lines in the factory. The cooling fan’s liquid supply is quite evenly distributed.

While the exhaust pipe, particularly the aluminum alloy exhaust pipe, has high welding process requirements and poor rigidity, so if the welding is not good or the force is uneven during hoisting, the probability of leakage of the exhaust pipe is very high. The failure point of the cooling fan primarily lies in the motor and electrical components used as the running parts, and the failure rate is greatly reduced by using the products of reputation brand as far as possible. The quality control of equipment will become more and more standardized as the security of the refrigeration system receives increased attention. Standardized production and management will then become an impassable barrier for pipe laying.

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