Disposable Vaginal Speculum Improved Patient Outcomes


The Single Use Vaginal Speculum is an innovative device that not only has the potential to enhance patient results but also has the potential to improve patient comfort, which is typically connected with the discomfort that patients experience during gynecological exams. An institutional review board randomized clinical research found that using a disposable vaginal speculum improved vision of the cervix. This finding has the potential to benefit the nearly 19 million women in the United States who get annual gynecological exams.

Sheathed Versus Standard Speculum

The study was published in the sheathed versus standard speculum for visibility of the cervix issue of the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics in May 2014. Its title was “sheathed versus standard speculum for visualization of the cervix.” According to the findings of the study, there was a significant increase in the visibility of the cervix from 78% to 95% when using a speculum. Furthermore, the study found that 100% of the cervix was visible in 64% of all patients when using a vaginal speculum, whereas this was only the case in 16% of patients when using standard speculums.

Advantages of Disposable Vaginal Speculum

Speculum exams are notorious for their unpleasantness; therefore, the availability of a device that might lessen the patient’s level of distress during the procedure is a significant benefit. This advantage is compounded by the fact that the patient will receive a more accurate diagnosis as a result. Every single year, there are around 60 million speculum examinations carried out in their whole. Tissue retractions can only be performed in a single plane using standard speculums (superior or inferior).

The multi-planar tissue retraction that Jimmy Medical provides solutions to many of the problems that are involved with cervical examinations, which eventually leads to improved disease identification and treatment.

Several of these Benefits Include the Following:

  • Even when there is a significant amount of vaginal tissue present, the doctor is able to see the patient’s cervix without any obstruction.
  • Pap smears, cervical cultures, and biopsies are all examples of diagnostic procedures that can be carried out thanks to the sheath, which makes it possible for the doctor to execute these treatments.
    When performing an exam, there is no requirement for a second instrument such as a lateral retractor or condom.
  • It is not essential to widen the opening of the speculum. It is possible to open the blades just far enough to do an adequate examination while limiting the amount of discomfort experienced by the patient.
  • The patient enjoys a warmer temperature and a more pleasant sensation while touching the sheath material.
  • The speculum is a throwaway item.
  • This saves the busy doctor valuable time and can also reduce the amount of time patients have to wait in general.

Jimy Medical’s sheathed vaginal speculums are required for all cervical procedures, such as colposcopy, cervical biopsies, cryotherapy, endometrial biopsies and ablation, hysteroscopy, Essure, pregnancy exams, Pap smears, and cervical cultures. Disposable vaginal speculums are available from JimyMedical.co.uk.

Easily Available in United Kingdom

Disposable speculum has entered into a distribution with the goal of expanding the availability of its product throughout the United Kingdom in settings such as doctors’ offices, home care agencies, long-term care institutions, and surgical centers. For the purpose of enhancing the overall well-being of the medical industry, Jimy Medical UK develops and implements next-generation solutions on a daily basis and offers medical-surgical goods in all of the major product categories.

Visit the JimyMedical.co.uk Innovation Marketplace by clicking on the link provided in order to view the various innovations that are currently offered by research universities.

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