A Detailed Guide of Dodham Yatra by Helicopter


Dodham yatra by helicopter amid Uttarakhand’s opulent highlands. Utilizing a helicopter service to see the breathtaking Himalayan region while indulging in spiritual practices has its allure. For Hinduism, the holiness of the trinity of gods—Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh—is unmatched. This trinity, often regarded as per their power in Hindu history, is easily understood by thinking of taking a helicopter pilgrimage to Badrinath and Kedarnath. Religious devotees have long included the Dodham Yatra by Helicopter in their lists. Kedarnath and Badrinath Dhams are famous for their status as Lord Shiva and Vishnu residences, respectively. 

If you have a busy schedule and want to take a quick vacation to visit the revered home of the gods, the Dodham yatra by helicopter from Dehradun is a fantastic option.

If you’re interested in doing a Dodham yatra by helicopter to experience the famed temples of Badrinath and Kedarnath. In that case, you can find all the specific information you need and book the Do dham yatra package with LIH Travel, which will help you plan a safe trip.

Kedarnath Dham’s religious importance

Every year, hundreds of pilgrims travel to the Lord Shiva temple at Kedarnath to seek the blessing of the Lord. Out of the twelve Jyotirlingas, it is a significant one.

Badrinath Dham’s religious importance

Your Dodham pilgrimage comes to a stunning conclusion at the beautiful Lord Vishnu temple in Badrinath Dham. Lord Vishnu was taking meditation under the Badri tree for a thousand years for the sake of humanity. The temple at Badrinath houses unique representations of Lord Vishnu.


At 10:30 am, a chopper departs from Dehradun to begin the do dham yatra tour. Therefore, you ought to get to Sahastradhara Airport before then. Early in the morning, visitors should leave the Sahastradhara Helipad in Guptkashi and take a second helicopter to travel to Kedarnath Dham. Under government restrictions, pilgrims must switch helicopters in Guptkashi before continuing to Kedarnath. At 11 am, guests will land at the Kedarnath helipad. Four hundred meters separate the helipad from the temple. After arriving at Badrinath, the guest will transfer by car to the temple for darshan. It will take one and two hours for darshan. They will set up a VIP darshan for the visitors at the Badrinath shrine. After receiving blessings at the shrine, proceed to the helipad to get on a helicopter for Guptkashi. From there, you’ll start to travel to Badrinath Dham.


The Kedarnath helipad is 500 meters away from the Kedarnath Dham. After reaching the Badrinath helipad, you will eat lunch, then head to the temple for a VIP darshan. The longest possible time is two hours. Following the darshan, visitors must proceed to the Kedarnath helipad to catch their helicopter back to Sersi. After that, they will transport visitors to Sahastradhara Helipad. Your voyage comes to a close in Dehradun, full of memories that you will treasure forever.

Facts to consider

  • Only 7 to 8 months throughout the year, from April to November, are Kedarnath and Badrinath open to visitors. Therefore, be sure that you can plan for this month.
  • Monsoon season and bad weather prohibit helicopter service. Due to severe weather, helicopter services may occasionally be delayed or postponed.
  • Four to six persons can transport in the helicopter.
  • Only more sightseeing will be allowed when there is time.

Recommendations for travelers

  • In a helicopter, a passenger is allowed to bring 5 kilograms of luggage. Therefore, you must have your necessities on hand.
  • Due to personal delays, the helicopter cannot stop; thus, please adhere to the travel schedule.
  • Do Dham temples are all situated in high-altitude regions. So the passengers must bring a basic medical kit.
  • Passengers must have woollen clothing because it always gets cold at these sites.

LIH Travel’s Services

The pilgrims who want to visit the holy places of Badrinath and Kedarnath Dham can take the service on Dodham Yatra by Helicopter itinerary. This helicopter Dodham pilgrimage begins in Dehradun. With our help, you may arrange a Dodham yatra by helicopter, participate in prayers, and ask for blessings at these two revered sites. You can count on us for easy transfers in hygienic vehicles and delectable meals while traveling.


The do dham yatra tour is very special for every Hindu. But these places are in high-altitude areas and are cold throughout the year. So it takes work for elders to reach safely. You can have a safe and happy journey by booking a Dodham yatra by helicopter. Also, you can save time. Contact the LIH team to book your do dham yatra tour.  

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