Do’s and Don’t of Makeup. A Guide To Makeup Rules


Makeup offers fun and beautiful ways to express yourself, but we all make mistakes while applying it. There are some tips and tricks for applying flawless makeup. 

#1 Implement Makeup


A big no for makeup on a dirty face. If you apply makeup on a dirty face then the surface is not smooth for the make-up to sit on and will look dull. The one exception to this rule is lipstick. You can reapply lipstick or gloss. When it comes to implementing foundations or powders, be sure to clean off what you’re currently wearing first and give your pores a chance to breathe. Implementing makeup to a dirty face is asking for serious skin problems later in life. 


Go for Cleansing. Wash your face with lukewarm water.

Use Toner or Serum. Once you have exfoliated your skin well, apply toner or serum and wait for a few seconds for it to dry. 

#2 Face, Eyes, Lips, and Cheeks

Face – 

To find the right shade of foundation, match the color with your chest. You can also opt for a tinted moisturizer. Buy the best moisturizer on Nykaa.

Eyes –

Pair eyeliner with mascara for well-defined eyes. Don’t forget to fill in those brows! 

Lips – 

Choose a lipstick that flatters your skin tone. For a signature look.

Cheeks – 


Smile as you apply blush to the apples of cheeks. 


Apply blush to bring color back to your face. 

#3 Wear an under Eye Concealer


Don’t use an under-eye concealer that’s two shades lighter than your skin color.


A concealer that’s half or one shade lighter than your foundation. Wear an under eye concealer it’s helpful for under-eye bags or dark circles with a concealer. A product like the Nars Radiant cream concealer does an amazing job it’s long-wearing and crease-proof’s, also gentle enough to never irritate this delicate and sensitive under-eye area.

#4 Go with a soft, neutral lipstick


One of the all-time biggest mistakes is lining your lips with a dark pencil this outdated look.


Lipstick is most important while doing makeup. It enhances your makeup and makes your lips look more attractive. In the right color, it does an excellent job of completing your everyday look. A few great daily lipstick options Sephora collection.

#5 Blend


Don’t use the dirty blender. Using dirty makeup tools can cause clogged pores, skin irritation, a risk of staph infection, and the risk of getting more wrinkles.


While doing makeup blend perfectly. If you are looking to achieve a flawless makeup look, it is important to blend any visible signs of foundation and blush lines. This helps to ensure that your makeup looks seamless and put together. Huda Beauty The Basic B Sponge Applicator.

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