EpicCare EMR Software vs DrChrono EMR: Expert EMR Tool of 2022 


Physicians seeking an EMR have several alternatives (electronic medical records). Because of this variation, choosing between many options might be challenging. This is a side-by-side comparison of Epic EMR vs DrChrono. It will help you choose the best solution for your clinic. It will compare their essential features, price information, and demos. 

What is the EpicCare EMR Software? 

EpicCare is an ambulatory system that helps practitioners to track patients’ health. It is used by medical institutes worldwide to perform different therapeutic operations. Appointment scheduling, invoicing, and payment are all included in EpicCare. Clinical trials, a mobile application, analytics, and portable medical records are all part of it.

What is the DrChrono EHR Software? 

The DrChrono EMR solution offers cloud-based appointment scheduling and patient billing. It provides reliable clinical recording tools. It raises the standard of care provided by a healthcare practice. The company’s software products are cross-platform compatible. It works with smartphones and tablets to improve mobility. It addresses the desire for quick access to healthcare data. 

What Does EpicCare Offer to Doctors Key Features 

Care Management 

EpicCare can manage all aspects of your health insurance business. Using targeted care features, claims may be handled and filed. Its employs management tool aids in making informed, cost-effective decisions. 


Physicians may track patients and administer therapy remotely using EpicCare EMR’s telehealth function. Telehealth covers ICU monitoring and video visits with patients, including those in prison.  

Patient Portal 

Epic offers a patient portal called “MyChart.” It allows patients to view personal and family health information. They have easy access to mobile gadgets. They can also communicate with doctors, schedule visits, and take surveys. E-visits are also available to patients. 

“MyChart Bedside” allows patients in hospitals to check their schedules. They can request help from a doctor, send messages, and fill out surveys. They can also receive personalized treatment plans. Prospective patients can also use MyChart to schedule appointments to book their slots. 

What does the Epic EMR Cost? 

The pricing of the Epic EMR system is adjustable and is determined by the size of the practice. EpicCare may be easily installed in clinics of different sizes thanks to the tailored price. To obtain a customized quote, please contact EpicCare’s sales team. 

How to Access the Epic EMR Demo? 

You can see how Epic software can help you before you start. Watching a demo will allow you to see the Epic program in action. Contact Epic support to schedule a live demo at a time that is convenient for you. 

What Do Users Think About EpicCare? 

According to Epic EMR reviews, it has a low learning curve. Users have given good reviews on the user interface. Some people are concerned about the slow speed of the system.

What Does DrChrono EHR Software Offer to Doctors Key Features 

Voice Dictation 

“PrecisionVoice” technology is available to clinicians and administrators. It assists them in taking notes and supplementing their processes. They are not required to use a pen, pencil, or keyboard. 

Medical Charting 

Instead of memorizing codes, use the speech-to-text function to enter information into the EHR. You can chart medical information and record it faster. 


Video consultations and patient scheduling are integrated directly into the EHR platform. Patients can watch television using a connection given by healthcare experts. Provide patients with consent documents to sign and return online. 

Billing Services 

You can manage your money during treatment by authenticating your insurance. This functionality reduces duplicate data entering and charges right away. You can charge and save time by using pre-populated billing codes. 

Medical Analytics 

People close to the patient may use Epic to research their hunches across demographics and create dashboards. It also enables customers to merge clinical, operational, and financial data. They can manage data from many sources into a unified data warehouse. It allows individuals to distribute and curate analytics material through a web portal. 

Electronic Prescriptions 

DrChrono can assist with individual or many medication orders. This covers restricted drugs that physicians can send to pharmacies. Before writing prescriptions, they might check for probable drug interactions. 

What is the DrChrono Pricing 

DrChrono EMR is appropriate for both small and big clinics due to its flexible pricing. Inquire with the DrChrono sales team about possible subscription options for your clinic. The configurable DrChrono cost makes it easy for practices of all sizes to use it. 

How to Access the DrChrono EMR Demo? 

You may also use the website to book a DrChrono software demo. It will help you understand how DrChrono can improve your day-to-day operations. In addition, the demo will address any questions you may have regarded DrChrono.

What Do Users Think about DrChrono? 

According to DrChrono reviews, it boasts a fast-paced UI. DrChrono has simplified appointment scheduling for its users. The DrChrono support team also assists with onboarding. Customers believe that “learning to navigate the program can take a long time.

Epic EMR vs DrChrono… Final Remarks! 

EpicCare EMR is designed for large ambulatory care institutions. It features many modules that support various specializations and ancillaries. Cancer, orthopedics, radiography, rehab, urgent care, dentistry, and other treatments are all available. Community hospitals, children’s groups, and private clinics all use EpicCare. It is also related to medical centers at universities and other organizations. 

The DrChrono system is adaptable to varied sizes and expertise of health institutions. It provides services to tens of thousands of clinicians and over 13 million people. It was the first EHR to develop a native app for the iPad and iPhone. 

Finally, EpicCare and DrChrono are well-known medical solutions that offer practice management software. It is up to the users to make the final decision depending on their individual requirements. You may use this guide to assess many elements and make an informed selection for the clinic. You may also watch the demos of each software to ensure you understand what they have to offer. 

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