Get Those ‘Smokey Eyes’ For Different Occasions


Smokey Eyes are the ultimate eye makeup trend! Once you try and get it perfectly done, you’ll feel expert and confident. Try out the following eye techniques for that smokey eye look, from super-beginner to more advanced. Want to play up your eyes? then Don’t forget to try out these occasional smokey eye look.

#1 Night Out

If you have planned for a night out with your friends, then wearing this perfect night out smokey eye look will do wonders. This is perfect for the clubs with the smokey effect in the outside corners of the eye, and the metallic color as the main statement effect. 

To create the classic smokey eye, take the lightest shade and blend it all over, from lash line to brow bone. Take the medium color and wedge it into your crease, followed by the darkest color, in a V-shape on the outside corner of each eye. Go over your whole eye with a soft brush to make sure there are no harsh edges, and then apply as much mascara as you can stand, along with a big ol’ slash of eyeliner.

#2 Date Night

Wear the subtle and neutral smokey eye look to your date night. This is the perfect natural smokey eye look for a day date and night time date! Just add the winged eyeliner for the perfect evening look! Undoubtedly your date will not be able to take their eyes off of you!

#3 Work Party

You can show off your makeup skills at the works annual party. You don’t want to turn up looking the same as you do every day when you visit the office. Be brave and bold and get ready to receive compliments from your colleagues.

#4 Wedding

If you are planning to attend a wedding then go for this perfect wedding smokey eye makeup. Try for a subtle and bold one. This ultimate wedding smokey eye isn’t too dramatic as instead of black being used for the smokey effect, it’s more colorful. This stunning eye makeup is not too bright but just the right color tones for you still make a statement but not steal the glory from the bride.

#5 Birthday Celebrations

Plan out on your birthday or go out to your friend’s birthday party with a colored smokey eye. Bright and beautiful, this perfect smokey eye look will have the heads and eyes turning as you will be the center of attraction for all. Be dramatic and stand out from the crowd, and flaunt your look.

So which is your Favorite Occasion for the Smokey Eye Look?

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