Guide To Biometric Attendance Systems


Employee absenteeism is a major concern for all employers. The result is an overall decrease in the company’s productivity because of an inevitable delay in completing tasks. To prevent this, you need to monitor all employees’ attendance by tracking the time they report to work and the time they leave. 

The best way to monitor attendance is by using a biometric attendance system. These systems are highly efficient than manual attendance systems because they are automatic.

Learn more about the features and advantages of biometric attendance systems.

Features of Biometrics Attendance Systems:

Database Capacity

When looking for a biometric system, it is vital to consider the capacity of the system. Buy an attendance machine with an extensive database that can allow the addition of new employees as your business grows.


If your company area attracts a lot of dust and dirt, you need to look for durable biometric systems capable of functioning in areas with extreme temperatures. Also, depending on your location, consider installing water-resistant attendance systems.

Access Control

Biometric systems have other functionalities apart from time-tracking employees. When purchasing a biometric system, look for one with access control capabilities. You can restrict unauthorized access to a building. Also, a biometric system records information on who accesses a system at what time for security purposes.


Modern biometric attendance systems must be able to connect to the internet. Monitoring employee attendance becomes easier and more efficient. Also, they can have GPRS connectivity if your company has many offices in different locations.

Integration with Other Systems

You can integrate biometric attendance systems with other systems to improve efficiency in an organization. For example, you can incorporate your biometric system with the payroll system, which makes work easier for the human resource department.

Identification Time

The primary purpose of installing a biometric attendance system is efficiency. When purchasing a biometric attendance system, you need to look for one that is fast in identifying employees while being highly efficient.

Advantages of Biometric Attendance Systems

1. Low Cost

An attendance punching machine price is low compared to other attendance monitoring systems. With a biometric attendance system, you don’t have to hire a person to monitor attendance. Cost is low while efficiency goes up. An attendance punching machine price i

2. High Accuracy

Biometric attendance systems are automatic. Hence, they provide more accurate information and a low probability of errors. Biometric systems are less prone to errors than manual registers because they don’t require human intervention.

3. Integration with Other Systems

Biometric systems allow integration with other systems, such as the payroll system. The payroll process becomes more efficient because the biometric system has accurate data about employee attendance.

4. Security

Biometric attendance systems improve security because they can restrict access to unauthorized personnel.

5. Time-saving

Biometric attendance systems are fast compared to manual attendance systems. Efficiency increases, hence improving productivity in a company.

Biometric systems are important for every company. If you want a biometric attendance system for your company, you should purchase from Kent Cam Technologies. We offer the most modern biometric attendance systems at a pocket-friendly price.

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