How Can You Viral Your Instagram Reels? 7 Tips To Go Viral On Instagram


An Instagram post is said to viral when it has 100,000+ likes and views and thousands of comments while being posted by an account that has a few followers. If you want to be popular then you should check out the Instagram Reels and how it works. Instagram is giving some crazy good traffic to accounts that are using the new function. You get around 4x more views on Instagram Reels than you do for a regular feed post.

#1 Hook Your Audience

It’s very important to hook your audience if you want to trend on social media. You can structure your videos by adding any interesting angle or peg so it grabs the attention of the public. The hook refers to the part of a video that will spark interest in viewers, where you’ve done or said something that sounds or looks interesting, shocking, or exciting. Instagram measures the interactions of your audience and the time period that they spend looking at your content. If you want to viral your content then you will have to stick around to any video you post, whether that’s Reels, IGTV, etc. After going through some of the content, try to think if there’s a video or a photo that you could reproduce yourself.

#2 Use Hashtags

Look for the popular hashtags that are trending on Instagram and see where you fit into those categories. See how many interactions they’re getting and if you get around the same amount of interactions on your Reel, then you’ve got a high chance of reaching the top post of the hashtags.

#3 Allow Interactions

Interactions are very important if you want to get popular or viral your reels on Instagram. You need to get people to interact via comments, likes, saves, shares, etc on anything you post. It’s how your account grows and you attract new fans. If you win at interacting with your fans and audience there’s a high possibility for your video to get viral. You can get people to write several words in the comments, and the rest Instagram algorithm will see. They even know that emoji replies are all too common and don’t provide value or conversations, so they’re not considered good comments.

#4 Upload Reels to Your Feed

When sharing your Reel, be sure to select the button that says “Also share to feed”. This will push the content to your followers via your regular feed as well as the Reels feed. Uploading your reels on feeds also makes your video reach more people as there is a possibility of an increase in your story sharing.

#5 Size of The Reel

The format for Reels is different from the feed. This means when people view your Reels in the feed, they will see only 4:5 size of the 9:16 full-screen Reels format. When you start creating your Reels themes make sure you’re keeping all the main parts of the video as well as text/image overlays within a 4:5 ratio sized area directly in the middle.

#6 Insert Text

It’s very important to make use of text when it comes to Reels. You need to add text directly in the middle area that sums up the purpose of the video or its value. You are feeding the brain tons of value both through video and text. When you add the text you are increasing the chances of them finishing the video and spending more time on the content which the algorithm favors massively.

#7 Utilise Trending Music

Instagram knows everything about the audience engagement on posts and reels. If it finds an audience is receptive to a trend, its algorithm will serve more of those videos, to more users. If a sound or song is being used consistently on a number of different Reels, that song will be shown in the recommended section of tracks. Make reels on that music and it will help your reels trend faster.

Bonus Tip

Steps when posting on Reels

  • Share your Reels on the Instagram Grid
  • Share your Reels on Instagram Stories
  • Tag the brands in the video so they reshare it & you get a hike in views 
  • Create new versions of your Reels by using the same theme, style, & music
  • Keep creating new Reels often to get featured again
  • Join the current trends with your own twist
  • Use popular music
  • Add related hashtags

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