How does shoot cubes 2048 work?


For the sport I could be talking approximately these days, they may be one made by way of builders called ‘flowerplasn’, of which I even have blanketed different video games from them in this web site

This is why I am surprised it has taken me see you later to capture directly to this new sport.
Has this one gathered millions of installs in a rely of weeks, all while claiming to pay out a few fine rewards to its customers?

Despite having equal proprietors, I determined some things exceptional with the technique of this recreation. That consists of how the owners are reputedly paying out and the contrasting payout assets they appear to aid.

I realize what you are questioning right now, is, do they permit you to earn money, and may you be making lots of money by means of rolling numbered cubes.

The best manner for you to discover is by means of reading this complete put up to the cease, as I may be explaining the way it all works.

  • 2048 Cube Winner Review Summary
  • Owner: Flowerplasm
  • What Are They?: Cube Merging Game
  • My Worth It Rating: 1/5

What Is 2048 Cube Winner?

2048 Cube Winner is defined through owners as being a fab and a laugh sport, in which you integrate unique coloured cubes.

Within the approximately info section in the shop, it additionally states that users can get rewards by way of moving these cubes.

This turned into interesting to examine as the alternative recreation I reviewed by using the proprietor’s Flowerplasm called Bubble Perish made the same claims over rewards.

However, I located myself in a role wherein I wasn’t capable of cash out, but there appeared to be no document of anybody getting paid both.

From sorting out 2048 Cube Winner, plenty of factors seemed specific, even though.

Firstly the game itself has reached over 1 million installs.There isn’t any date shown off while it turned into released due to it being in early get entry to.

But has is the character of those games, due to the hype and the rewards, the increase is exponential.
The other trade I noticed changed into that you couldn’t earn coins, present cards, or even a cheeky iPhone has is constantly advertised with other games.

So regardless of similar themed and run apps like Neon Cubes 2048 and Bubble Merge 2048, you could only cash out for in-app purchases, which I will comment on greater afterward inside the put up.

How Does 2048 Cube Winner Work?

How the sport works is similar to those I related to just above that I actually have reviewed within the beyond.To begin with, you’ve got one longboard and a stack of numbers on the alternative quit.Just like what’s shown below:

Three stacks of numbered blocks

You want to merge extraordinary numbers via firing closer to one of the same values. So when you have an 8, you purpose for the 8. If you have got a 4, you pass for the 4 alternatively. You get the concept.

As you try this, they’ll merge up to the next multiple, enabling you to win both cash and gemstones.Of which are two currencies that are trendy because of them being wished for withdrawals.

How Does 2048 Cube Winner Pay?

When I take a look at out any new recreation with earning opportunities, I prepare myself for the usual coins amounts.

As every recreation works within the same style, you earn bucks in-game, cash them out and then ultimately wait months simplest to realize your not sincerely going to get whatever.But this one has most effective three rewards on provide, of which they might not enchantment to all audiences.

Does 2048 Cube Winner Payout

They declare to offer you the in-sport currencies of Coin Master, Clash Of Clans and Free Fire.Three games that, even as very famous at the app shop, received’t appeal to folks that are greater thrilling in earning usable money.

How it really works here is if you have earned the required quantity of diamonds, you could request a price.
To accomplish that, you need to put the ID related to your account within the field provided and submit it.

Generating Currencies Out Of Nothing

The developers of the 2048 Cube Winner app have actually copied the idea from other builders. However, they have experimented with a one-of-a-kind fee machine to trap cell game enthusiasts of guard.

Now returned within the day, there was lots of hype round generators.The idea with those is to position your info into a few on-line generator to get in-recreation forex for that sport.

So the promise become that through doing so, your account for that sport could fill with a few currency, whether that be coins, gems, diamonds, and so forth.

Of direction, this all proved to be faux, but at the time, so many scammers have been exploiting hundreds of thousands of gamers by way of growing those fake net pages.
So when I first unfolded the 2048 Cube Winner, it jogged my memory of this.

When you visit press payout, you expect your account to be crammed up with some thing currency you are after by the time you subsequent log in.

However, it’s nearly positive that it received’t manifest, as no random dude could or may be able to do that.This proves that that is all faux, and unfortunately for the tens of millions of users who are hoping to obtain their currencies, they won’t be doing so.


2048 Cube Winner has an owner at the back of it all who is truely very smart, as not only have they picked up hundreds of thousands of installs in a close time.

But they also fool many human beings into thinking that an additional developers hut or the following town corridor on Clash Of Clans is seconds away.

However, in relation to earning any amount of cash, it requires some attempt and may’t simply be accomplished by throwing some colored cube at another cube.

If it without a doubt worked like that, then app developers might struggle to run, as you will have these kind of players turning to games like this one to generate their currencies alternatively of truly paying for it.

So as you can see, just like with Bubble Perish, the opposite game I reviewed through the same people, this one looks to be faux and, therefore, a waste of a while.

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