Innovative Startups that contributed towards the Society in 2020

2020 has been the best time for Startups in India. Many businesses and companies have led their innovations towards society and the environment. Although this year brought many ups and downs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it also offered a huge opportunity for social entrepreneurship. Startups have helped in many ways from farmer communities, to improve their livelihoods, especially in this difficult year. If we talk about the innovative startups we can see bankers or corporates have now turned into farmers and have resorted to traditional farming. They are into producing high-quality organic products via their startup named ‘Two Brothers Organic Farm’. We got to know about Distinct Horizon’s Vriddhi, which is a startup based on providing a unique technology that controls the use of fertilizers and at the same time increases productivity. Below is the list of top innovations, which are unique and have accelerated the growth of society in 2020 via social startups.

#1 Rural Invest

According to the report stated by the National Statistical Office (NSO) unleashes the increase in rural poverty by nearly 4% between 2011-12 and 2017-18. Many issues like financial illiteracy, lack of employment opportunities, and inaccessibility to basic facilities like education and healthcare, have been a major concern in the rural areas. A startup called Rural Invest was founded by Naman Tekriwal, Raghav Sharma, Satyam Mehta, and Madhav Sharma in April 2020, which has uncovered a mobile application that specifies the people residing in rural areas to invest in mutual funds through systematic investment plans (SIPs). This idea can prove to be very helpful for the people of rural areas as they won’t have to suffer any financial problems in the coming future.  

#2 Distinct Horizon’s Vriddhi

In the field of agriculture, low crop production is mainly caused by the excess use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which also leads to a decline in quality. If innovations are consistent and technologies are upgraded there will be no such issues as a reduction in quality and quantity of production. Distinct Horizon launched a Delhi-based agritech startup, which not only seeks to mark food production but also protect the ever-degrading environment. This startup was founded by Ayush Nigam and Santosh Kumar, who have patented DH Vriddhi. It’s a tool that helps farmers place fertilizers deep into the soil, using the Urea Deep Placement (UDP) technique. This technique helps in increasing crop productivity & reduces the use of fertilizers by 30-40 %.

#3 Two Brothers Organic Farm

Two Brothers Organic Farm was founded by brothers Satyajit and Ajinkya Hange. They were professional bankers who left their jobs to start their own farm in their hometown in Bhodani village near Pune. They noticed that the productivity of farms has fallen and are continuously falling drastically. They found organic farming was not practiced in an economical manner in some remote areas across the country. They decided to go back to traditional fertilizers and trained 9,000 farmers to do the same on their farm. This led to an increase in the productivity of the crops.

#4 AddressHealth

AddressHealth is a company that is causing a storm in the industry currently. It was founded in the year 2010 and is a Bangalore-based startup that focuses on giving healthcare services in schools, small institutes, and clinics. It has proven to be very successful and now creates new ‘addresses’ for childcare. They aim to work for children’s health proactively. It’s a small team of like-minded people who have united for a cause and dreamt of changing the way child healthcare is practiced. 

#5 Berry Clean

As Coronavirus had spread its legs in all parts of the world, it had created more awareness regarding cleanliness. It has raised the need to replace the chemicals that have caused harmful effects in many ways. Realizing the problem, husband-wife duo Shruti and Abhishek Taneja, along with Gaurav Mahendru, started Berry Clean. This new startup offers a range of natural cleaning products, which claim to be beneficial for health, society, and the Earth. The startup was inspired by nature and was launched to promote a sustainable lifestyle. It aims to empower farmers, groups, and small enterprises by offering sustainable packaging, shipping, and creating zero-waste and natural organic products.