How Past Trauma Ruin your Present Relationships


Traumas are those life events that change your complete outlook towards life and threaten you for your whole life. People who go through traumas in their life, often suffer PTSD in their lives and also seems to have some other symptoms such as anxiety, anger, numbness, and lack of trust.

Traumas are not only bad for your mental but they also spoil the personal relationships of the people. They have negative impacts on your tuning with your partner. That’s why you need to deal with these traumas with the help of an NLP trainer before things get out of your hand.

Getting triggered

When you have unresolved trauma in your mind, you get triggered easily. Even when there is a small fight, you get reminded of the past situations or traumas and they make the situation worse. The past scenarios never get out of your head and you bring back those situations again and again. All this, have a very negative impact on your relationships.

Feeling unworthy

The past traumas not only destroy your mental health but also affect your self-esteem. The people who are unable to heal from traumatic situations suffer from very bad self-esteem. They make themselves believe that they do not deserve love and feel very unworthy. If someone is loving them, they keep doubting their affection and need reassurance again and again which makes their partner distant.

Choosing the toxic relationships

The traumas make people mentally weak and they get easily attracted to the wrong partner and end up getting into the toxic relationship over and over again. The fear of being lonely or alone comes along with the trauma and that fear is the reason you choose the wrong partner and leaving that relationship also becomes the toughest part of your life.

You get easily manipulated or feel too ashamed to be the one trying to end the relationship. But the more you keep that relationship, the more will be the trauma and the guilt. It is a never-ending loop that you have to break at some point.

If you are suffering from the same sort of situation, you need to reevaluate your situation and get help from an neuro-linguistic programming coach to keep your mental health better. It will save you from failing relationships and live a healthy life.

Trust issues

You would never be able to trust anybody if you have failed in your previous relationships or had suffered badly in the past. When you have seen your trust broken once, it gets difficult to put that trust again in somebody. The doubt always remains in the relationship and you get the same doubt in reciprocity.

Therefore, the relationship without trust is always hanging on a thread. It is on the verge of breaking and can fall apart at any time.

Fail to express emotions

People who have traumatic incidents in the past are not able to express themselves properly. They need assurance that their partner is always there but fail to express what they feel. They might be pouring all their love and expecting the same in return but their failure of explaining the same would make the relationship fall from the heights.

Difficulty in acceptance

They might feel difficulty in accepting the love their partner is giving. Because of past experiences, the reassurance does not work for some people. Always doubting puts their relationship in an awkward situation and their partner also gets tired of handling their emotions and rejections. Their failure of accepting keep their wounds unhealed and they might attract the same kind of failed relationship.


One who is always irritated for no reason might be going through various things in their head. The stress and the anxiety impact their behavior and make them irritable even in casual situations. It makes the other person think that they have done something wrong which is irritating their partner, but most of the time, it’s the victim’s unhealed trauma that is making them get irritated at small things.

Disassociation and numbness

The trauma often makes people disassociated with their partners. They fail to feel the connection with them emotionally and mentally which makes their relationship fail. Also, they experience numbness towards their emotions. There is a numbness to feeling the love and pain of their partner. It does not go well and becomes the reason their partner falls out of love.

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