How To Delete Facebook Messages? Now Easily Remove Facebook Messages On Desktop Or Mobile


Everyone is on social media these days, especially if we talk about Facebook then we could see a majority of 2.1 billion users worldwide. Facebook has become a platform to connect with your old school classmates, colleagues, and friends and family who live far away. Like two sides of a coin, where building connections has become easy on Facebook, on the other side we can see unwanted people or contacts bothering us. Now the question might arise how to stop them from disturbing us? you can either block the person, unfriend them or delete their messages. If you are thinking of how to delete Facebook messages? especially when you want to get rid of all those messages when you’re no longer in need of them, now this is easy. If you want to clear your Facebook inbox quickly and simply, here’s what you need to know about how to do it.

How To Delete Facebook Messages 

You can delete messages, conversations, or photos from your inbox very easily. Just keeping in mind that the messages that you delete will only remove from your end whereas your friend will still be able to see them in their inbox.

To delete a Conversation/Chat

  • View your Conversations 
  • Swipe left on the conversation you want to delete
  • Tap on the delete icon
  • Your chat will be Deleted

How To Delete All Facebook Messages Instantly

#1 You can download and install the Google Chrome internet browser and then download the Delete All Messages browser extension from the Chrome web store. 

#2 Once Delete All Messages has been added to your browser, navigate to You will notice that the extension’s icon, which appears in your top menu bar and features the Facebook Messenger speech bubble logo with a small red X next to it, is illuminated, indicating that the extension has access to your Facebook data.

#3 Go to your Facebook page and click on the Delete All Messages logo in the toolbar. You will receive a pop-up that reads “Open your messages.” Click on this to launch your Facebook messages in a separate tab.

#4 On your messages screen, you will see the Delete All Messages toolbar across the top of the screen, giving you the option to delete all messages or to delete selected messages only. If you want to clear your inbox, all you need to do is click “Delete All Messages.”

#5 The extension will launch a pop-up asking you to confirm that you do want to delete all messages. Click “OK” and your messages will be removed.

#6 When you have deleted all your messages, they will no longer exist within your Facebook account and you will be unable to restore them. So decide firmly before taking a further step. Local copies of your messages will be with those you’ve messaged.

How To Delete A Message / Photo From A Chat

  • From Chats box, open a conversation
  • Tap and hold the message or photo you’d like to delete
  • Tap Remove, and then tap Remove for You
  • The message will be deleted from your side 
  • You can also click on Unsend if you want to remove the sent message 

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