How To Find Best Blogging Topics? Unique Blog Ideas For Your Websites


Make Blogging Simple with these Ideas

Blogging in simple words means writing about your websites in an informative and detailed manner. Blogs are often used to start and maintain relationships, to update an audience, discuss new functionalities, and inform about a company’s decisions. It becomes quite difficult to search for unique blog ideas or blogging topics that can relate to your audience. Relax! even professionals get stuck in this situation. It’s natural. It doesn’t matter if you blog about fitness regimes, cooking recipes, skincare routines, lifestyle, clothing, etc. Instead of thinking about what should I blog on today”? you should question “what do my readers want to read today”? Don’t worry as here we have penned down some helpful ways to find new blog post ideas with trending blog topics to bring more readership to your blogs. 

Ways to find blogging topics

#1 Examine Your Competitors

Check out your competitors. Visit their websites and see the kind of content they are producing. You can easily fetch trending blogging topics for your website. You can go for tools like UbersuggestSEMrush, and Buzzsumo for competitive analysis. You will get to know about the most popular and shared contents of your competitors. 

#2 Use Quora

On the internet, not only writers are producing supply but simultaneously readers are also producing demand. Demand may arise in the form of comments under articles, online discussions, or queries that are not so visible. It would be great to match the demand and supply, so Quora is a Q&A community, which can help find the best blogging topics for you. Quora is a perfect way to find new blog post ideas.

#3 Survey your Audience

You get the best content ideas or blogging topics from your audience than anyone else. By using google forms, you can actually find new blog post ideas from your audience. Create a free google form and this will give multiple options to your audience. The survey form can be distributed to multiple social channels and your email list. You should always add ‘Other Ideas’ options while creating a form. It can help you generate new ideas from your readers. What are the problems your readers are struggling with? What topics are they most interested in getting help with?

#4 Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a tool for generating keywords for a specific topic. It is the most common tool for finding keywords and their rankings. It is a free tool that can also be used to find new blog post topics. With the help of one keyword, you get to know various blogging topics for your websites. 

#5 Examine Topsy

Another social search tool, Topsy, allows you to search across various social channels for blogging topics. Topsy provides a sleek interface and provides you great control to filter your results. First, you have to open Topsy Search and then type in your search topic. Topsy provides you with a populated list of topics as well. The default search results show links and images for your topic that are trending on Twitter. You can filter by time, type of result you’re looking for Links, Tweets, Photos, Videos, or type of network like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

#6 Facebook Ad Library

It wouldn’t be wrong to consider Facebook as a huge source of ideas, feedback, and opinions. Whether you are looking to get a quick response to logo design or online course ideas, Facebook is the place where people usually hang out and show up. Facebook groups can be benefited from generating new blog post topics. Facebook ad library is an untapped source of proven content ideas. For the best blogging ideas you must keep an eye out for Facebook boosted posts that are promoting a specific piece of content that they’ve published.

#7 Scan Blog Comments

Blog comments are one of the best ways to create new blogging ideas. A brilliant trick is to scan your blog comments and see what type of questions people ask. Blog comments are a content idea goldmine. The audience’s comments give you ideas for your blog topics. This strategy works best with comments on your own blog as well as on a competitor’s blog. 

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