How To Setup Brostrend AC1200 WiFi Extender


Do you know how to set up a brostrend AC1200 WiFi extender? If your response is ‘NO’ then don’t worry we are here for you. In this post, you will learn how to do a brostrend AC1200 setup.

Let’s Start, 

What Is a Brostrend AC1200 Extender?

Brostrend AC1200 extender extends the range of dual-band WiFi of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. After booting the range of WiFi you can connect up to 20 devices at one time such as smartphones, tablets, computers, speakers, laptops, cameras, etc. Enjoy 4K video streaming, music, multi-user gaming, etc. connect your WiFi devices to the internet connection. In this, you can enjoy up to 1200 Mbps speed 

Benefits Of Brostrend AC1200 Extender

  • WiFi extender provides WiFi coverage to the whole network of your home.
  • It extends the range of your WiFi router up to 1200 sq. ft.
  • It has multiple functions and universal compatibility.
  • Brostrend AC1200 WiFi extender works with any WiFi router.
  • It also connects wired devices to WiFi.

Key Requirements For Brostrend AC1200 Extender

  • The most essential thing is you must have a brostrend AC1200 extender and one power adapter.
  • With the help of these things, you can’t move with brostrend extender login or setup.
  • You will need one ethernet cable to connect your brostrend AC1200 extender to the computer.
  • There are many types of options available such as WiFi.
  • It may still depend on you which type of connection is best for your house situation.

How To Login Brostrend AC1200 Extender Setup

  • First, join the plug of the brostrend AC1200 extender in the power socket. After that, turn on your extender.
  • Join one end of the ethernet cable to the extender and another end to the router.
  • After that, launch a web browser of your demand.
  • Now you will enter the web page of brostrend.
  • After entering, pick an option of wired range extender and tap on the next button.
  • As a result, you can create an admin WiFi password for the brostrend extender and save it.

Guide To Brostrend AC1200 Extender Setup

Brostrend WiFi extender is the best solution for weak signal strength in homes and offices. It is not only easy to set up but also equally easy to maintain it. In case you are looking for a brostrend extender setup then you are at the perfect place.

There Are Three LED Lights In Brostrend AC1200 Extender

  • Power LED
  1. Solid power LED indicates that the extender has started.
  2. A Blinking LED light indicates that the extender is starting.
  3. Off power LED light indicates that the extender is not turned on
  1. On WPS LED light indicates that the extender and router successfully connect with each other.
  2. Blinking the WPS LED light determines that the connection between the extender and router is being started.
  3. Off the WPS LED light indicates that the WPS function is disabled.
  • Signal LED 
  1. Solid blue LED light indicates that the position of your brostrend extender is perfect.
  2. A solid red LED light indicates that the extender is far from the router.
  3. Off signal LED light indicates that the extender doesn’t connect to the host router. 

By How Many Methods Do You Connect Your Extender To Router

There are three methods by which you can easily connect your extender to the router.

  1. Using WPS
  2. Using WEB UI

Let’s start, 

Connect Extender to Router Via WEB UI

  • First, you have to put the plug of the extender in the power socket in the same room or near the router.
  • Now, attach your device to the extended WiFi network ‘Brostrend_EXT’.
  • Type in the address box of the web browser.
  • Now make a login password for later attempts.
  • Now, pick the WiFi network which you want to extend.
  • Then fill password of your WiFi network that you want to extend.
  • In last, Wait for a few minutes to connect the extender to the router successfully.

If you are unable to set up their extender then you can follow another method to connect the extender to the router.

By Using WPS Method

It is a very simple or easiest method.

Note: First you have to check that your router supports the WPS function yes or no. If not then don’t waste your time, follow the other step and leave this step.

  • Press the WPS button of the router or within 2 minutes press the WPS button of your extender.
  • Now, you can see solid blue LED light on both the extender and router.
  • As a result, it means that your both devices successfully connect with each other.

In A Nutshell

We can hope, you are happy after reading this article. You know the whole details about the brostrend AC1200 WiFi extender. Share this post with your friends and relatives. Stick around for further updates.

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