How To Travel When You Are Broke? Travel On A Budget


You often find yourself scrolling through the social media feeds, and daydream about your favorite travel destinations, but when you get back into the real world you realize that your bank balance is not up to your travel need. Traveling cheap is all about taking advantage of helpful apps and websites that save you money, finding ways to lower your expenses, and even making money while you travel. It’s all about lowering your expenses while managing to afford to do what you want.

Various destinations around the world have a particular time of the year where it becomes a tourist hotspot. During these periods, things will be more expensive in that destination. So, plan to go when there is off-season or at the time when the tourist is less in numbers. This trick alone will make travel on a budget possible for you. 

#1 Stay in Hostels

If you’re flexible about where you stay, you’ll save some money. Wallet-friendly budget accommodation options like hostels are compared with hotels, resorts, and rental homes. This will not only get you lower prices but you’re getting the authentic backpacker atmosphere, and memories to last a lifetime. You have multiple options to choose from, there are hostels like party hostels, relaxing hostels, exotic hostels, rural hostels, etc. Some of its advantages are that they have common areas where people meet, so you may end up finding someone to share transportation, dinner, or day trips.

#2 Focus On Treasure experiences over Material things

Instead of bringing back a suitcase full of touristy material, or buying gifts for your loved ones, you can choose to collect memories and experiences instead of material things. It makes your travel so much happier, and lets you enjoy your trip making your wallet so much fatter. 

#3 Free Walking Tours

One of the best ways to travel on a budget is to take advantage of free walking tours. It’s a great way to explore the local hotspots with a local perspective for free. Plus, it’s a good way for you to keep track of which places you’d like to return to while you’re in that city.

#4 Be Flexible

This might be one of the most important qualities for a budget-savvy backpacker to have. If you are flexible in making decisions then it will help you take advantage of deals and opportunities that arise on your travels. There are two types of people in the world, those who can freely choose their vacations at any time of the year, or those who have to take leaves. The first category is those who search for flights and choose the cheapest day to fly whereas the second can get cheap trips traveling to countries where it is a low season.

#5 Choose a Budget-Friendly Destination

Some of the most budget-friendly destinations in the world are countries in Southeast Asia. Destinations like Fiji, South Korea, Australia, Portugal, Thailand can make your travel costs go down instantly. You can find food and housing for every budget in most countries. If you need to travel on a budget, this is where I recommend you go. Just because you want to save money on travel doesn’t mean that you will not have your travel insurance. Be sure to protect yourself against unexpected illnesses, theft, and more.  

#6 Street food is cheap food

Having street food serves to be the cheapest way to feed yourself on a budget. You can actually watch the food being prepared and cooked, so it’s better than being hidden away in a kitchen. If you’re really broke you won’t be able to dine out all the time. If you are staying in a hostel then you can easily cook pasta which will save you cash. Eating street food will also save you bundles. 

#7 Haggle 

If you are good at bargaining then haggling at places in few countries can turn out to be wonders for you. Even if you are not good at it, you can easily learn to save a respectable amount of money on each item you purchase. In many cultures, it’s the norm to bargain a price down from the asking price. It may not feel comfortable but it’s normal. But, don’t overdo it, just stop at a price and pay a decent one.

Special Tip

Travel Hacking

Think of travel hacking as knowing how to work the system. By understanding the way that reward points, frequent flier miles, and credit card offer work, you can rack up enough credits to be able to get free flights and hotels anywhere in the world. Getting into travel hacking doesn’t require any rocket science or super-secret knowledge. It is possessed by those lucky few with enough money and time to travel. 

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