Immigrate To Canada As A Bilingual French Speaker


The main prerequisite for immigrating to Canada is being able to speak English, but knowing French would give you a more significant advantage. French is one of the country’s two official languages and the primary language of the country’s largest province, Quebec. In addition, knowing English and French can benefit immigrants for various reasons. You can take the help of the best consultancy in Coimbatore for immigration to Canada. This write-up discusses the benefits for bilingual French speakers to immigrate to Canada. 

You Can Communicate With People In Many Areas If You Speak French

Quebec’s primary language is French, and it is the most famous and largest province in the country. Also, French is the primary language in some areas of Manitoba, Ontario, and New Brunswick provinces. People coming to Canada in search of job opportunities primarily get job opportunities in only a few provinces like Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, etc. Communication with people in those areas becomes easier when you know French. As a result, speaking the language will help you communicate more effectively, opening up many opportunities for you in the country.

French Speakers Gain Quicker Work Experience

Only when you are proficient in English and French will you be able to find jobs in Canada if you are planning to immigrate there. The employer always finds employees who can communicate with the regional workers. There are now plenty of jobs in the country that demand candidates speaking French to get employed. Being one of a limited few applicants for the post increases your chances of being chosen, which is a considerable advantage of being proficient in French. So knowing the French language can help you gain quicker work experience if you want to pursue immigration to Canada.

The Likelihood That You Will Be Allowed To Immigrate Increases

The IRCC has implemented many initiatives to ensure they accomplish their mission of having 4.4% of all immigrants outside of Quebec speak French. One of the effective selection tools is emphasizing mechanisms that support French speakers. It means if you are a French speaker, you will be in an advantageous position for immigration, and your advantage will be even more significant if you are proficient in English and French. It will also help you immigrate through Canada’s Express Entry System, the fastest way to immigrate to the country.  

Integrate into the Francophone community

Many French-speaking immigrants immigrate to Canada yearly, often settling within Francophone communities outside Quebec. Numerous Francophone groups across Canada assist and guide such people as they plan for their new lives as immigrants. Therefore, you have to choose the best consultancy in Coimbatore to help you better understand the process of integrating into the Francophone communities.

Integrate better into the daily lifestyle of Canada

Apart from gaining an advantage in job opportunities and better integration into the Francophonie communities, you will have better integration into the daily lifestyle of the country too. Irrespective of the province, having good fluency in French and English can help immigrants communicate with people quickly and handle everyday situations easily. That is why if you are planning to pursue immigration to Canada, knowing French can help you a lot in your day-to-day life.

Gaining Citizenship in Canada

Knowing French can help you greatly if you plan to get citizenship in Canada. New citizens must possess “adequate knowledge” of either English or French under the Citizenship Act of Canada.

Educational Opportunities

Many good institutions and universities in Quebec and throughout Canada highly use the French language. Therefore, fluency in French would also help you communicate with other students.

Different Processes of Immigration in Canada for Bilingual French-Speaking People

There are some easy processes to immigrate to Canada, which you can better understand by contacting the best consultancy in Coimbatore. The procedures are as follows-

1. Express Entry

2. Provincial Nominee Programs

3. Sponsorship

4. Business Immigration

Crime is very low in Canada, and people are extremely humble there. Also, the career opportunities in the country are much higher than in many other countries. That is why many people want to immigrate to the country. If you want to immigrate to Canada, learning and developing your French language skills will be highly beneficial. It will help you get better job opportunities and integrate into society. Consider only the best consultancy in Coimbatore for ease of immigration to Canada.

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