Impact Of Technology On Environment: Pros And Cons


Technology has proved to be a big gift to society. There are better cars, introduction of online paper help, artificial intelligence and better tools. While people are happy with introduction of more technology in every field, it is not a good news for environmentalists. A lot of impact is created on the environment, which is harmful and can affect lives to a vast extent. Yet there are also some good outcomes bought about by technology on the environment.

We know that it is hard to believe that there are hardly any good benefits, which is why today we will cover both the spectrum. Here we are going to list the top five benefits and risks of technology on the environment:

1) Excessive use of minerals

A lot of mineral consumption takes place to make electronic devices. These minerals are excavated from beneath the art through mining. Mining causes a lot of damage to the soil and the area around and the nearby environment.

Excessive use of minerals is slowly leading to some extinction, which is not good news for our planet earth. This leads to the destruction of natural habitats and resources due to the production of pollution and the relapse of toxic gases. Although technology delivers high-end products that provide comfort, the  price we are paying for it is huge.

2) Increases carbon footprint

Destroying the soil and natural environment is not the only cause. After extracting the minerals, a lot of manufacturing process waits ahead, leading to high carbon generation. Even transportation of these minerals and their storage releases a lot of toxic emissions which leads to pollution.

All of this together leads to global warming and the depletion of natural resources, which are non-renewable. We already see an outbreak in the environment, and with technology rising, more dangers are yet to come.

3) Loads of waste generated

It is obvious that a lot of waste is produced with extraction, production, and overall generation. Although more sustainable waste removal methods are now carried out, more effective methods are needed. The wastes generated stay accumulated, leading to a very bad environmental impact for ages. Even production of affordable cloud computer assignment help, devices and automobiles lead to huge waste production.

Burning up and dumping wastes leads to the generation of methane, mercury and other toxic chemicals, which pollutes not only the environment but also the habitat living by. If waste decomposition leads to such bad effects think of the wastes left open on the grounds could lead to?

4) Affects climate change

And after reading all of this, you can assume its impact on the climate. Global warming is already rising, and environmentalists have not come up with any technique to restore it to normal range.

We are seeing a huge shift in seasons which is a sign of the damage which is already caused. Climate change will hugely affect the ecosystems, and habitats, including that of animals, humans and every other organism. Once the balance is hampered, bringing it to how it was, isn’t easy. Climate change is bad for the world, and our future generations will face heavy consequences if this situation is not restrained.

Benefits of technology on the environment

We started heavily by stating the negative impact of technology on the environment, but here are some of its positive effects:

1) Energy consumption is reduced

One of the biggest perks of technology upgradation is that they are always working towards betterment. The present bulbs, fans and devices we use consume less energy than earlier ones.

Hence the electricity consumption is less, which is always a positive sign. LED lights and other devices that consume less energy greatly benefit the environment and reduce emission rates.

2) Renewable sources of energy are advocated

It is good news that people are noticing the bad impact created by using too much of resources, which is why natural resources are put into use. Many homes, companies and even parks have taken the initiative of using renewable energy sources to generate electricity.

This includes water energy, sun energy, and wind energy, decreasing the dependency on natural resources. Traditional, unclean methods of energy production, which lead to high production of sculpture dioxide, coal and nitrogen oxides, are reduced by a large extent.

3) Food production has become cleaner

Earlier, much land, water and resources were consumed for agricultural purposes. Still, with the rise of genetically modified crops and foods, we have been able to control the solution. However, eating foods generated artificially is not the priority of many, yet more people are accepting it for a healthy lifestyle.

It is easier to balance the nutritional amount and generate foods in labs than those grown on land with heavy pesticides and insecticides. Deforestation and manual labour have decreased, and technology has allowed humans to rely on alternative food options without tempering with the natural ecosystem.

4) Technology is reducing waste generation

A few years back, a catalytic converter was introduced, reducing carbon emissions from cars. There are units to check greenhouse gases amiss and control them. We are introducing detection systems to remove dirt and plastic from waterways from water and keep water pollution under check. Due to technology now one can go online and get online instant assignment help, hire tutors, book flights and basically get everything at their fingertips. Since online means produces no waste it is praise worthy to get so much help easily.

Doing this manually might require a lot of labour and would have taken years to bring this idea to fruition. But with technology, ideas like this have been bought into action much more quickly. More technology-driven solar panel cells, gas-powered electronics, and others are introduced to keep waste generation under control, save the environment, and improve it.

The benefits and risks of technology on the environment are like the two sides of a single coin, just like everything lees. Everything comes with good and bad effects but being aware of the bad side and minimizing its effects is crucial. As humans, we often tend to enjoy the benefits but do not notice that our carelessness produces heavy results. But it is good to see that so many people are open to the idea of sustainability and are environmentally aware. Hopefully, more positive changes will be brought about, which is advantageous for humans and the environment, leading to longevity.

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