Indian messaging app Hike is all set to shut down its Sticker Chat app this January as confirmed by the founder and CEO Kavin Bharti Mittal. Mittal stated that even though the app is shutting down, HikeMoji will still be available in its other services. The company had earlier mentioned that the Hike Sticker Chat app has millions of users who spend around 35 minutes per day on the application.

According to the survey, the Hike application has not been able to make that impression on the audience as it was expected to give. The app has failed to succeed as per the hopes of the company, which is why Mittal recently posted that the network effects of international apps are too strong for India to have its own messenger. CEO Kavin Bharti Mittal has announced on Twitter that the company will be shutting down its Sticker Chat app this month. Mittal in his tweet stated that on behalf of the Sticker app they are launching two new apps which are Vibe and Rush. The company is now diverting attention towards two other platforms, one being a community-based social platform, Vibe, and the other is an online gaming app dubbed, Rush. It is a custom game app that allows users to play quick games like Carom and Ludo with their friends.

As mentioned above, HikeLand has been revised and now will be called Vibe by Hike. Vibe is an approval-only community that means the users will have to apply for it if they want to join it. The CEO Kavin Bharti Mittal says that nearly “100,000 people have already applied for Vibe”. The company has launched a dedicated place for registration as well. HikeLand, now known as Vibe, had over 300,000 conversations last month, and the company is looking to double it in 2021. 

“India won’t have its own messenger. Global network effects are too strong,” added Mittal in a follow-up tweet. 

The decision to shutter Hike Sticker Chat, aka Hike Messenger, is made at that point in time when WhatsApp is witnessing objections against its new terms or revising its privacy policies. The messaging giant has planned to start sharing user data with its parent Facebook to “improve how businesses operate” on its platform. 

Many users have and are migrating to other apps like Signal and Telegram in protest. However, several platforms have gotten a lot of benefit out of this moment, looking to which Mittal also posted that “India won’t have its own messenger unless India bans Western companies”.