Is An Electric Scooter Good For Delivery Purposes In Chennai?



Food and grocery delivery has grown increasingly popular over the years in Chennai, and with it, there are more and more drivers in the street, working nonstop to deliver our products to our homes.

Although it is overlooked, going back and forth across the city is expensive and requires a lot of maintenance.

However, with the advent of top electric bikes in Chennai, travelling across the city has become easier. In 2021, there was a 132% rise in the overall sales of electric two-wheelers in India, including high-speed and low-speed models, compared to the 2020 data.

Delivery riders can save money and time by selecting the top electric bikes in Chennai, along with numerous other advantages.

Why Are Electric Scooters Suitable For Delivery Purposes In Chennai?

Electric scooters are a great alternative to conventional vehicles.

They are suitable for delivery purposes in Chennai for the following reasons:

1. Low cost of ownership

Compared to gas-powered vehicles, electric scooters are less expensive to maintain. They’re ideal for delivery businesses to reduce operational costs.

You only need to change the battery in the electric scooter rather than paying for petrol, so you save a good amount.  

Moreover, as there are fewer moving parts and no liquids or grease, e-scooters are easy to maintain than petrol-powered scooters.

As a result, delivery riders may feel at ease knowing that their electric scooter is a wise purchase.

2. Greater storage

The electric bikes in Chennai make sense because these scooters have more storage capacity than regular bikes. Because of the lack of mechanical components in these scooters. Thus, it is a wise option for delivery purposes in Chennai.

3. Easy to maintain

Electric scooters are easier to maintain than regular vehicles. This is because riders do not need to worry about the gas or oil that needs to be filled in their vehicle. They can charge it up and drive it off without any hassle!

The e-bike may be charged quickly and easily using a detachable battery or plugin system. Batteries may also be bought individually, ensuring you never run out of power.

4. Eliminate carbon emissions

Electric scooters do not emit harmful gases or particles into the air when they run, which means that they have zero carbon emissions compared to petrol scooters which emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

How to finance an electric vehicle?

An electric scooter requires a considerable financial commitment. Due to the high cost, you should consider the best two-wheeler loan. With this, you can easily finance an electric scooter without a down payment.

A reliable loan provider, such as Muthoot Capital, assists consumers in getting an electric two-wheeler loan at a rate as low as 0.99%. The eligibility conditions are simple, with little documentation, and the payback period is flexible.

Using the two-wheeler loan EMI calculator from Muthoot Capital, borrowers can determine their monthly EMIs. Moreover, low-interest two-wheeler loans cover up to 100% of the vehicle’s on-road expenses.


You can quickly take over Chennai with electric delivery scooters. This is one of the best investments your delivery firm can make. It enables you to maintain a high customer and delivery driver satisfaction rate.

Electric scooters must not be avoided because of the cost. Fulfil your goal of buying an electric bike by obtaining the best two-wheeler loan from Muthoot Capital.

With Muthoot Capital, getting an online two-wheeler loan is simple, and you can quickly receive the e-bike you want with minimal paperwork and affordable interest rates.

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