Google has reportedly sent out emails to Google Pay users informing them about the old app that will lose its transactional capabilities on April 5. The move will effectively kill off the old app and allow its users to have a new experience.

When the new Google Pay app was announced in November, it introduced an all-in-one-style experience that featured a new interface, finance tracking capabilities, and support for contactless payments. 

Users of the old Google Pay app won’t be able to see their past transaction history or access their remaining balance. These changes apply exclusively to users in the U.S.

The new Google Pay app will be the future of Google’s banking ambitions. In addition to serving as an all-in-one mobile bank, Google has announced plans to launch a bank account service, called Plex, later this year. This will allow users to open a bank account with one of nine partner banks, with deep integration with Google Pay. These accounts won’t be subject to monthly fees, overdraft charges, or minimum balance requirements. According to Android Police, Google is also making changes to Pay’s terms of service. The search giant is combining two of its existing ToS documents and also raising the minimum eligibility age to use the service from 16 years old to 18 years old. 

In case you don’t update the Google Pay app before April 5, you’ll only be able to transfer your remaining balance by using the new Google Pay app or by contacting Google Support. You won’t be able to send any money to your new contacts until they download the new app and make a new account, too. On top of all that, the Google Pay website will be stripped of all payment functionality in the US on April 5, and New Google Pay won’t support doing anything from the web. You won’t be able to transfer money, view payment activity, or see your balance from a browser.

Currently, on Android, the Play Store is not allowing the users to let them review the new Google Pay. This is most likely a bug as the capability is available through on either mobile or desktop web. You can get the full URL by tapping the overflow menu in the top-right corner of the listing and opening the Share sheet to manually copy. Play Store is not currently letting users review the new Google Pay.