Key changes to Apply for Canada PR Visa via BC PNP in 2023


British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program offers application pathways to Apply for Canada PR Visa to skilled immigrants and professionals. The BC PNP has implemented important changes to the Skills Immigration programs which are now effective from 2023.

BC PNP is the economic immigration program managed by the Immigration Department of the British Columbia Government. The program allows the province to choose and offer nominations to overseas workers, entrepreneurs, and students to address the labor market needs of BC. The aim is also to support the priorities of the BC Government and the economic growth of the province.

If you receive a nomination from BC PNP, you can Apply for Canada PR Visa with IRCC and include your family members also in the application. The changes are inclusive of updating the scoring system under Skills Immigration registration for increasing immigration to areas exterior to the Metro Vancouver Regional District.

Individuals having previous experience working or studying the exterior of the Metro Vancouver Regional District can claim extra points. This is if they possess an eligible job offer in that area.

The eligibility for EMPP – Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot has also been revised for including employment offers in any skilled occupation from a regional BC employer. Furthermore, the eligibility for the Overseas Post Graduate stream has been extended to any area of study for programs at the Doctorate level.

Post-doctoral fellows and Professors on employment contracts for a limited term at Universities In BC are now qualified for the stream Skilled Worker. The changes in criteria aim at retaining more experts and innovators to bring their profound expertise to the province.

The Online Application system for BC PNP has now been updated and it is now utilizing the NOC -National Occupational Classification 2021 version. Candidates who have filed their applications prior to 16 November 2022 will have them processed as per NOC 2016.

All applications and registrations filed on or from 16 November 2022 onwards will have to utilize NOC 2021.

Highlights of the Alterations

·         The points system has been modified for assisting regional employers in retaining workers having experience or education from outside the Vancouver Metro Regional District

·          Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot’s eligibility has been extended for including any skilled jobs in the regions

·         The Overseas Post Graduate category has been extended for including Ph.D. candidates and doctoral graduates in any area of study

·         NOC 41200 – University Lecturers and Professors employed in public universities in BC on restricted term contracts can now qualify for the stream BC Skilled Worker

·         The highest points for Human Capital factors – language proficiency, work experience, and education – have been enhanced

·         Points for skill level under NOC have been eliminated

·         Other changes to criteria for protecting the safety of BC residents and strengthening the BC PNP’s integrity

BC PNP Skills Immigration

BC PNP – British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program is managed in collaboration with the Federal Government of Canada. This is as per the 2021 CBCIA – Immigration Agreement of British Columbia and Canada. British Columbia offers nominations to candidates who can assist in addressing the unique labor market needs of the province and make contributions to its economic progress.

British Columbia receives a fixed number of nominations annually. Strategic initiatives and priorities assist in ensuring that BC PNP is administered highly efficiently in alignment with the Economic Plan Stronger BC. This is while upholding the program’s integrity and supporting the success of qualified applicants.

BC continues monitoring and evaluating BC PNP for ensuring that it remains aligned with the efforts for recovery for supporting stronger and further resilient communities. For understanding the requirements of the program and determining your eligibility, you must cautiously review the Skills Immigration Program Guide of BC PNP. This is prior to your registration or application.

You must make sure to review the latest program requirements. If you utilize an old program guide, choose an inaccurate stream, or do not choose the option Express Entry, your application or registration will not be converted. If you receive a nomination from BC, you can apply with IRCC for Canada PR Visa and include your family members as well.

Skills Immigration utilizes a system of EOI – Expression of Interest based on points. It enables BC PNP in managing immigration applications for ensuring strong economic results for the province.

The information offered in registration is used for ranking, selecting, and inviting candidates for ITA. You have to submit your application and SI registration online through BC PNP. The payment of the application fee for BC PNP is also online.

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