Ronit Ashra’s Mimicry On A Whole New LevelĀ 

Good luck and talent are what actually make a common person turn into a celebrity. In a world where efforts and unique skills count, some hardly take any effort and get viral. A lot of effort is spent on the kind of content that is unique and loved by the audience on social media & it will be unfair if we don’t talk about the multitalented and hilarious personality, Ronit Ashra. Ronit Ashra is a 16-year-old Instagram Content Creator who started his journey by making videos on TikTok. But when Tik-Tok got banned in India, Ronit started uploading his videos on Instagram. His popularity skyrocketed with his Instagram videos and with no delay he became a star in social media. From trying his best to look the part to acing his expressions Ronit has caught the attention of the public and celebs. He has gained nearly one million followers on Instagram, and have been praised by several Bollywood celebrities.

Ronit Ashra was born and brought up in New Delhi, India in the year 2004 & is pursuing his high school education in Commerce from Manav Sthali School, New Delhi. Ronit started making videos on TikTok in the year 2019 and became popular over time. While continuing his high school, Ronit started making videos on TikTok and achieved several followers within moments. The content of his videos is unique and creative which is why he has become a favorite of many. Ronit started copying actresses from their interviews and shows that they had visited and started uploading the videos on Instagram. He is best known for imitating Ananya Pandey, Alia Bhatt, and Sara Ali Khan. Fortunately, his videos succeeded in reaching the celebs and were praised by them. Ananya Pandey even reposted the video on her Instagram story and appreciated Ronit’s efforts. He not only tried and copied her fashion but also impersonated all of her expressions to perfection. He is a true fan of YouTubers and comedian Ashish Chanchalani and Jamie Lever whom he follows and aspires to become. They are the reasons why he tried his hand in comedy and started making tik-tok videos.

He recently got into the news and went viral when he mimicked a video by lipsync for the rap song of a soap opera TV character Kokilaben on the song “Rasode Mein Kon Tha” which was created by Yashraj Mukhate. His viral video became an instant hit among the fans and crossed over 4 million views. Although he mimics and makes videos only because he loves doing it, he plans to make vines and create his own story and characters.

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