Money Mistakes To Be Avoided While Traveling


Sometimes mistakes can turn into disappointment while traveling & money wasting too. It is common to make a few careless mistakes when traveling and exploring the unknown. From overpacking to forgetting the budget, these common mistakes need to be avoided while traveling abroad. If you avoid these common mistakes, you’ll be traveling cheaper, smarter, and longer. 

#1 Over Packing

A common mistake that travelers usually make while traveling is that they do over-packing. You should only carry the stuff that you think is important on your tour. Pack only what you need and know you’ll use. You can buy the rest when you reach your destination. 

#2 Dependent on Guide Books

Guidebooks are made to inform your travels, not to define them. Don’t use the guidebook too much and interact with other travelers and people at the destination. You can explore and use it on your own initiative as there is a lot more to a place that you will not even find in the guidebook.

#3 Having an over-ambitious itinerary

Be flexible in what you decide for your travel tour. You must be aware of the time it will take for you to visit your destination via different transport means like flight, car, bus or cruise. If you will completely stick to what you had planned you might land disappointed. If something goes not as planned, go with the flow. Have a realistic expectation and don’t expect your trip to be perfect.

#4 Forgetting the Budget

You should consider your budget according to the places you have planned to visit. Create a realistic budget you can stick to and allow some breathing room for unexpected expenses. If you have planned to travel for the long-term, schedule weekly transfers from your savings to your checking so you know exactly what you are allowed to spend.

#5 Missing your connecting flight

Give yourself at least a couple of hours between flights to allow for any possible “delay” scenario like flight delay, long customs line, long distance between terminals, etc. For example, the Philadelphia airport states to arrive at the airport 2 hours before a scheduled flight departure.

#6 Not Buying Insurance

Spending those extra few dollars will give you the benefit of feeling more secure in case something happens like lost baggage, trip delay or cancellation, medical emergency, etc. Read the fine prints to see what is included and if it suits your needs. You can learn more about travel insurance here.

#7 Forgetting To Inform Credit Card Companies

Paying for currency exchange in a country can be expensive, but when you use your credit cards, the exchange rate is calculated for you and charged properly in your home currency. If your card allows for cash advances, these can also be used as a way to sidestep the fees that come from exchanging your money. Many credit cards are wary of foreign activity on an account, though, and that can lead to automatic activity suspensions that complicate your travel. The best way to get around this is by letting your credit card providers know that you will be traveling and where you will be traveling. You might even find out that there are rewards and other perks for travelers that you didn’t know about! Some higher-end cards have even been known to offer special pricing deals on travel insurance, too, so this step could be a major help to your planning process.

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