No Need To Panic, The New Mutant Virus Doesn’t Kill More

New Mutant Covid 19 Strain reaches India via 6 passengers from the UK. On Tuesday, India registered 6 cases of a mutant strain of Covid-19 and is claimed to be 70% more infectious and transmissible. The mutant coronavirus strain was first reported in the United Kingdom a few days back.

A total of 6 samples of UK returnees have been found positive with the new variant genome. All 6 patients have recently returned from the UK and have been quarantined. The infected people have been kept in single-room, isolation in designated health care facilities by respective state governments in the country. The close contacts of the infected persons have also been put under quarantine. As per a government statement, 3 in Bengaluru, 2 in Hyderabad, and 1 in Pune have been detected out of all the samples tested.

The government is continuously working on the comprehensive contact and tracing exercise for their co-travelers, family, among others.
Genome sequencing on other specimens is going on.
The mutated strain of Covid-19 is spreading at a much faster rate in the United Kingdom and has now 6 samples in India. While the mutated strain has higher transmissibility, it does not influence the severity of the disease. The new UK Variant has already been reported by Denmark, Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Sweden, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Japan, Lebanon, and Singapore, so far.

The situation in India is under careful supervision and regular advice is being provided to the States for enhanced surveillance, containment, testing & dispatch of samples to INSACOG labs. Although the Mutant Covid- 19 is infectious, there’s no need to panic. One has to be alert and follow the same precautions that they had been taking since the Coronavirus entrance in the world.