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Custom hot dog boxes wholesale

Do you want to boost your hot dog business, but you need to get positive results? Have you tried all possible ways but in vain? Why not change hot dogs’ standard packaging with custom packaging?  It will 100% work. If you are interested, buy custom hot dog boxes from us wholesale.  These boxes are more economical than other packaging solutions. Also, we don’t charge extra. If you order now, you can get an extra discount because of the new year 2023 welcoming sale. So, what are you waiting for now? Hurry up, confirm your order and benefit from that golden opportunity before it ends.

Box style guidelines for custom hot dog boxes

Every box style is possible in custom hot dog boxes. If you want to try something for box styling, we are ready to do that for you. But if you want our suggestion, we recommend you tuck the front box style, which is usually used in burger and hot dogs packaging. The other box styles will look over, like two-piece or sleeve and tray. Still, if you want, we will customize these for you. But always customize the box according to the hot dog’s size and quantity. The oversized box needs to look better. And you charge extra for oversize customization.

Buy custom hot dog trays for serving or street hot dog business?

Do you want custom hot dog trays for hot dog serving? OR for your street food business? We provide that, too, with a printed logo. Printing ink is harmful to human’s health or consumption. It can be spread easily and affect the hot dogs’ taste too. That’s why we do lamination on the custom tray. It works as a separate layer on the printed surface, which protect the ink from spreading. Also, it is food-grade lamination which means it’s not harmful to human consumption. And save to interact with the custom tray directly. Moreover, it is moisture resistant, so the custom tray does not get soggy due to sauces, etc.

Prevent greasy surfaces with custom butter wraps

The hot dog’s sauces can make the custom hot dog box or trays surface greasy, which is so irritating for you also the buyers. Especially for buyers who have ordered hot dogs online. Imagine he opens the box and sees the blast of sauces all around. He will be angry. If you don’t want that to happen, keep custom butter wraps. These wraps protect the custom hot dogs box or tray from grease. Also

  • They prevent the sauce from spreading when you fully cover the hot dogs with them.
  • They are flexible and can be molded on any side.
  • They have absorbing properties because they soak extra stem, oil, and moisture. This way, the hot dog buns remain crunchy.
  • They are non-sticky. That’s why they don’t stick with hot dogs. You can remove these wraps easily.
  • These wraps are environmentally friendly and can be recycled easily.
  • The custom butter wraps are economical. One can afford them,
  • These wraps are also food grade.

Hot dog holders’ cardboard

The hot dogs are served warm but holding a warm hot dog in hand takes work. Don’t worry. You can use hot dog holders. We customize hot dog holders according to the hot dog’s size. And for material, we use cardboard. It is also made with food-grade material. Also, cardboard holders are highly durable and economical. You can buy them wholesale from us.

Custom gables boxes for hot dogs

Besides custom hot dog boxes, you can also buy custom gable hot dog boxes for delivering hot dogs. We customize these boxes with printed logos and elegant designs for an eye-catchy appearance. It has an attractive handle which makes it easy to carry. And saves your money by buying an extra bag.


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