Coronavirus crisis has caused various changes in our day to day lifestyle and has taught us that improving our immune system naturally is much more important than consuming antibiotics all the time. “Prevention is better than cure” and drinking Kadha is amongst one of the new normals for everyone now. 

‘Kadha’ is a traditional, homemade, strong drink that has various healing properties. Different-different curative ingredients are used to make this kadha. Ingredients like – Tulsi, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Cloves, Turmeric, Ginger, Honey, jaggery, and Lemongrass are a few of the things used as herbs to prepare Kadha.

There are multiple benefits of kadha which is known to have medicinal properties that help to boost the immune system, helps in detox your body, fights against respiratory complaints, aids digestion helps to weight loss, slow down the aging process, and makes your skin look healthy and glowy, excellent to reduce the inflammatory condition, help in blood pressure and many other things as well. 

During Covid 19 Pandemic, we have heard that the immune system needs to be strengthened to fight against such deadly diseases and Kadha plays an important role in it. Daily consumption of Kadha is recommended by the Indian Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy (AYUSH) during the pandemic. But, do we actually comprehend the side effects of excessive intake of Kadha? The excess use of Kadha can lead to many severe diseases and side effects. 

Why the Overuse of Kadha is Dangerous?

Overconsumption of anything is dangerous. While consuming Kadha, everyone must know about the ingredients used. The ingredients utilized in the Kadha can increase the temperature of your body. A huge amount of these substances can make a speedy effect on your body which can lead to severe disease. It can harm your digestive system and can give you serious mouth sores. So, use the ingredients carefully and in proper measurement. According to experts, the ingredients and their quantity used in making kadha depend on a person’s age, season, and overall health. However, if consumed carelessly, it could be dangerous.

If you are drinking kadha every day and you witness any of these symptoms, you need to visit the doctor immediately.

1. Bleeding from the nose

2. Boils in the mouth 

The decoction should not be consumed more than 50 ml at a time. To make the correct quantity of the Kadha, take all the ingredients in 100 ml water and a boil until it is reduced to 50 ml. Don’t consume the hot kadha, let it cool first else it may shoot up your body temperature.

It is believed that decoction can boost your immunity to 200 percent and can help to fight against coronavirus. But the intake of this brew is equally sensitive for our health, it is necessary to consume Kadha in a defined time. The health expert advice not to drink kadha in the morning. The best time to take Kadha is in the evening. If you are suffering from a cold and cough then you can take it twice a day in a small amount.

It is a rule that anything which is consumed in the right way and quantity will give you benefits.