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Coin master village guide list

Coin master village guide list

The success of Coin Master, a smartphone game that blends aspects of strategy and luck, has caused a tidal wave of excitement in the gaming community. The concept of constructing and progressing through different villages, each of which presents its own set of problems and opportunities to succeed, is at the core of this game. The objective of this detailed article is to walk players through the many stages of the Coin Master village price and provide them with a strategy for achieving victory.

Gaining an Understanding of the Development of Villages:

The fundamental purpose of Spiny Coin Master is to construct and improve communities with the use of a slot machine and the coins earned by spinning the reels. The Land of Vikings is one of the themed villages, while the Jurassic Jungle is another. Each town has its own unique motif. As players make their way through the various towns, new features, pets, and opportunities to increase their rewards become available to them.

The Complete Village List and How to Unlock It:

The trip begins in the simple Land of Vikings, and as players earn stars, they are able to access more settlements throughout the world. It is very important to keep in mind that you will need a certain number of stars in order to unlock new villages. These stars can be obtained by constructing new buildings and improving existing ones within the same village. The trick is to strike a balance between improving already-built structures and gaining access to new ones.

The homeland of the Vikings:

  • The place where players will begin their journey as Coin Master and create the groundwork for their experience.
  • Give your attention to improving the fundamentals, such as the village itself, the house, and the savings account.
  • Continue to spin the wheel to collect enough coins to purchase enhancements and move on to the next settlement.
Prehistoric Egypt:

  • Unlocked after earning three stars.
  • The player is presented with new chances as well as new challenges.
  • Upgrading the Rhino pet should be your first priority if you want increased defense against attacks.

Alps de Neige:

  • Unlocked after achieving six stars.
  • Places an emphasis on the importance of a strong defensive approach.
  • To reduce the impact of attacks from other players, you should level up your village's defenses, particularly the Shield.


  • Unlocked after achieving ten stars.
  • Concentrate on increasing the amount of coins produced by renovating the structures in the community.
  • Keep an eye on your spins and make clever use of them to increase the amount of payouts you receive.
East of the Sun:

  • Unlocked when you earned 13 stars.
  • The concept of card sets, which play an important role in the game, is presented here.
  • Acquiring and finishing card sets can earn you considerable prizes, so make it a top priority.

Age of Stone:

  • Unlockable after achieving 16 stars.
  • Places an emphasis on the significance of modernizing all components of the village in an equitable manner.
  • When developing a well-rounded plan, it is important to strike a balance between offense and defense.
Hawaii under the sun:

  • Unlockable after achieving 20 stars.
  • Pay attention to improving your Raids and Attacks so that you can have the greatest possible impact on other players.
  • It is recommended that you make use of the Hammer pet so that you can collect coins more quickly.

  • Unlockable after achieving 24 stars.
  • Introduces new challenges, like making it more challenging to collect certain cards.
  • Joining an active community of Coin Master players will allow you to complete sets and exchange cards more quickly.
Afrique :

  • Unlockable after achieving 29 stars.
  • Places an emphasis on the significance of having a varied array of pets.
  • You should carefully upgrade your dogs based on how you play the game, whether you are more focused on attacking, raiding, or currency collection.
Tales from Arabian Nights:

  • Attained after collecting 34 stars.
  • Introduces a new incentive for completing sets, which provides additional rewards for reaching certain milestones.
  • Concentrate on finishing sets first so that you can make more total progress.

Coin Master is a game in which mastering the coin master village guide list and advancement is a process that is both dynamic and strategic. You may rise through the ranks and become a genuine Coin Master if you familiarize yourself with the idiosyncrasies of each village, employ a systematic approach to improving infrastructure, and maximize the effectiveness of your gaming.

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