Organic Farming
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Organic Farming Guide For Sustainable Crop Production

Organic farming is a primitive method of crop production. In the production of crops in organic agriculture.

Organic farming is a primitive method of crop production. In the production of crops in organic agriculture, we give nutrients to plants through manure, compost, bacterial fertilizers, crop residue and various types of mineral substances available in nature. The most important thing is that we use natural elements as pesticides in this type of farming. Along with maintaining the purity of the environment, organic farming maintains the natural form of the land.


Organic farming is defined as an agricultural system in which organic or natural fertilizers are used instead of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the production of crops. At present, the demand for the product obtained from organic farming is very high.

How To Do Organic Farming

We also call organic farming indigenous farming. Mainly organic agriculture is done by keeping nature and the environment balanced. Under this, we do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the production of crops. Instead, we use cow dung manure, compost, biofertilizer, crop residue, and natural minerals. 


Nowadays, farmers use different types of chemical substances in the production of any crop. As a result, the amount of production increases, but due to this, the fertile power of the land is continuously decreasing. Along with this, people are suffering from new diseases every day, and the ecological balance is deteriorating. 

Process Of Organic Farming 

To do organic or organic farming, it is necessary to work according to some important aspects, which are as follows-


Soil Check


Suppose you want to do organic farming. In that case, you must test your farm’s soil. This can be done in any private lab or government agriculture university laboratory. Due to this, the farmer gets information related to the field's soil. It includes such as which element is lacking in the soil. Therefore, farmers can make their fields more fertile by using suitable fertilizers and pesticides.


Ensuring Organic Compost


To do organic farming, you must have sufficient organic fertilizers. For this, you need to know about making organic fertilizers.


Organic fertilizer means such fertilizer, which is made from animal excreta, i.e. cow dung and residues of crops. You can prepare organic manure in 3 to 6 months with the help of waste disposal.

How To Make Organic Compost?

Organic manure is prepared in different ways, such as cow dung manure, green manure, cow dung manure etc. This type of compost is also called natural manure. Its process is as follows-


1. Process To Make Manure


To make cow dung manure, you must dig a pit about 1 metre wide, 1 metre deep and 5 to 10 metres long with the help of the New Holland 3630 tractor because the New Holland 3630 price is reasonable. First, spread a plastic sheet in the pit and cover it with soil and cow dung mixed with animal dung, animal urine and water in the proper quantity. Mix well the mixture lying in the pit after about 20 days. Similarly, after about 2 months, mix this mixture once again, cover it, and close it.


2. Vermicompost 


Earthworm is also called farmer's friend because it plays a vital role in making the land fertile. To make earthworm compost, you need 2 to 5 kg of earthworms, cow dung, neem leaves and a plastic sheet as per requirement. Earthworms like Eisenia fetida make manure in 45 to 60 days.


A shady and moist environment is required to make earthworm compost, so it should be made under dense shady trees. Keep in mind that in the place where you are going to make this compost, there should be a proper drainage system.


To make earthworm compost, dig a long pit, spread a plastic sheet, and sprinkle water after mixing cow dung, farm soil, neem leaves and earthworms according to your need. Note that 1 kg of earthworm makes 1 kg of vermicompost in 1 hour. And this vermicompost contains antibiotics, which protect crops from various diseases.


3. Green Compost


For organic farming, in the field where you want to produce crops, sow cowpea, moong, urad, etc., which grow in time due to rains, and after about 40 to 60 days, plough that field with the help of a John Deere 45 HP tractor for efficiency.


By doing this, the field gets green manure. Nitrogen, sulphur, potash, magnesium, calcium, copper, iron and zinc are abundant in green manure, increasing the field's fertile power.


Benefits Of Organic Farming

  • By practising organic farming, the land fertility increases, due to which the production is higher.
  • The environment is not polluted by organic farming, and the environmental balance remains.
  • Organic farming requires less water as compared to chemical farming.
  • In the cultivation of crops in organic farming, the farmer has to spend less, and the earnings are higher.
  • Consuming grains produced from organic farming helps in better health and prevents diseases.
  • Compared to conventional farming, organic agriculture yields less, but the income is more because the demand for the grains produced from organic farming is high in the market.
  • Organic farming increases the number of helpful organisms in agriculture and soil health.
  • Stay connected with us for more information about different farming practices. 


Stay connected with us for more information about different farming practices. 

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