Side Effects of Skipping Your Meal. Skipping Meal is Bad For Your Health


“The brain uses glucose to run efficiently and if there is not enough glucose for the brain to use, your body does not function at 100 percent.” That’s why Food is one of the essential commodities for a man’s survival. Without food, every living thing would go hungry and eventually die. Skipping a meal is one such dangerous behavior and, There are several side effects on your body when you skip your meal.

 #1 Obesity 

Skipping a meal is leads to obesity, you start messing up with your metabolism, if the body goes too long without food, it will go into the remainder mode. The person will eat more food. and, this will eventually result in weight gain. Skipping meals leads to Abdominal weight gain by promoting belly fat storage.

#2 Not good for Sugar and Blood Pressure

Skipping a meal is dangerous for Sugar and Blood Pressure. It will lead to low energy, headaches, nausea, or may experience hypoglycemia, which can lead to dysphoria, seizures, unconsciousness.

#3 Heartburn

When you do overeating and intake oily and greasy foods it will lead to heartburn. By skipping the meal you will feel hungry and you will eat everything that you think will satisfy your hunger. It will put pressure on the stomach’s muscle ring and will make the stomach juices go up to your throat causing heartburn.

#4 Mood swings and stress 

Mood swings and an annoyed attitude is very common in case you are underfeeding yourself. Skipping meals regularly can make you moody and tense all the time. You tend to have angry outbursts in situations where you would otherwise deal tactfully. So, do not skip your meal. 

 #5 Low brain function

Skipping a meal leads to low brain function. Your body weakens even if you skip any meal and subsequently, your brain won’t function actively and you tend to lose your focus. The brain runs on glucose primarily, hence you can’t think clearly because of the low blood sugar level due to skipping a meal. It worsens in case you have made it a regular habit.

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