On-Screen Adversary and Off-Screen Messiah, Sonu Sood, Autobiography 

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood who proved to be a true Hero in real life has continuously been in the headlines this year. From his social work towards humanity to helping migrants during the covid pandemic he has always been the helping hand for all. Sonu Sood is now celebrating the release of a new autobiography titled ”I am no Messiah”. The book is co-written by Meena Iyer and is published by Ebury Press imprint.

Sonu Sood has shared his thoughts on migrant workers, and says, “I want to thank god for making me a catalyst in helping the migrants.”

Penguin Random House India had earlier announced that the ‘Dabangg’ actor will be penning an autobiography that will chronicle his experiences during the pandemic. On his Instagram post on 12 Nov, 2020 #IAMNOMESSIAH will be out in December. This is a story of my life, as much as it of the thousands of migrant workers.

Sonu Sood posted a short video on Instagram ” My book – #IamNoMessiah” is out now. Signed copies of my book are available at Mumbai airport with Bookscentra. Actor Sonu Sood, Tweets on his Twitter handle regarding his book stating “I am No Messiah” is available online in Hindi as well as in English. Talking about the book, Sonu says, “People have been very kind and have lovingly named me the messiah. But I am no messiah. I simply do what my heart tells me to. It is our responsibility as human beings to be compassionate and help each other.”

About the book:

The book will feature and narrate the stories he heard and his interactions with the migrants and others. He has also shared how he experienced things and changed his outlook towards society. He has also understood his life’s purpose. Sonu Sood narrates his emotional experiences and the challenges he faced along with the people he rescued during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am No Messiah,” Sonu Sood combines the extraordinary experiences of his journey of a pandemic with the writing skills of veteran journalist and author Meena K. Iyer. Honest, inspirational, and heart-warming, this is the story of Sonu Sood and of the people whose lives he continues to transform.