Covid-19 vaccination drive started across India on January 16. In the initial phase, the government said it would treat about one crore healthcare workers. This will be followed by two crore frontline workers, police, armed forces, municipal workers, revenue staff, and others. The general population will be eligible for the vaccine in the second phase that began on Monday and phases 2.0 vaccination drive for people above 60 years and those aged 45 and above citizens will be able to register. You can book an appointment for vaccination, anytime and anywhere, using the Co-WIN 2.0 portal or through other IT applications such as Arogya Setu.

COVID-19 Vaccination How To Register

  • Log on to
  • Any person will be able to register at the COWIN portal through his/her mobile number.
  • OTP verification will be done before registration to ensure the veracity of the mobile number.
  • After registration, an account will be created on COWIN for the person. The person can access his/her account on COWIN using the mobile number used at the time of registration.
  • Features for adding beneficiaries, editing details, and booking appointments available at the citizens’ account.
  • With one mobile number, a person can register as many as four beneficiaries. But the ID card number for each beneficiary must be different.
  • The beneficiary then selects an ID card type and provides the ID card number.
  • If the age of the beneficiary is between 45 and 59 years, the person will be prompted to confirm if he/she has any specified comorbidity in which case, the person will need to carry a certificate.
  • Once all necessary details are recorded by the beneficiary, registration will be completed and an acknowledgment slip will be sent to the beneficiary‚Äôs registered mobile number
  • A COVID-19 vaccination timetable for each center will be published for every district.
  • The beneficiary will be able to choose and book a slot for vaccination at the centers declared in VTT, anytime and anywhere, based on their preference (subject to availability of slots).
  • The second dose will also be scheduled at the same center on the 29th day of the date of appointment of the first dose.
  • The beneficiary can change the slot for the second dose in the period 29th day to 42nd day of the first dose in certain conditions.

Co-Win App Use 

  •  Register for a vaccination session
  •  Selection of Vaccination center of convenience
  • Book your slot to get the vaccine
  • Reschedule the vaccination date