Stop Facebook From Tracking Your Activities On Other Websites & Apps


Facebook usually keeps track of everything you do either on Facebook or other websites. Even if you browse something on the web, Facebook can track your activities easily. But what to do if Facebook is bothering you by tracking your every step? How to stop Facebook from tracking your activities on apps and websites? Now you can turn off the collection and sharing of data that sites and apps send to Facebook. 

Websites and apps use Facebook’s Pixel and software development kit (SDK) to collect information about your device and your activity and send that to Facebook. Facebook uses that information to then show you targeted ads. This is one of the reasons why users find Facebook is able to know what they are searching on the web or looking for on websites. 

The company itself says, “We receive activity from businesses and organizations who use our business tools so that can better understand how their website, app, or ads are performing. We use your activity to show you relevant ads and to suggest things you might be interested in.” 

Here’s how you can control what sites are sending information to Facebook about you and helps it tracking your actions online. The “Off-Facebook-Activity” tool isn’t easy to find. You can either click that link to go directly to it or go through your Facebook. If you want to navigate there, click on the drop-down carrot in the top right of the desktop version of Facebook. Then select “Settings” and “Your Facebook Information.” There you’ll find an option for “Off-Facebook Activity.” 

What data is collected by Facebook?

If you have visited a website or an app, Facebook knows the exact details of when you opened it or logged in, searched for a particular item, what item you added to a wishlist or cart, made a purchase or donation, and so on. Even if you are using an online banking app or a travel website like  MakeMyTrip to book flight tickets, Facebook is known to your activities and then target ads to you accordingly. Facebook, smartly gets to know your purchase history, contacts, search history, ads or products you interact with, precise location, physical address, etc. 

Here are a few steps to stop Facebook from Tracking Activities

  • Go to your Facebook Settings
  • Scroll and tap on ‘Settings & Privacy.’
  • Tap on off-Facebook Activity

After you have clicked on “Off Facebook Activity”, it shows you which apps or sites you have visited and are sharing user data with Facebook. 

You can get to know additional data on what information is being shared, and what Facebook is doing with all of it. You can easily download the app activities you have indulged in. For this, you need to tap on the three-dotted button located in the ‘Off-Facebook Activity option.’ Then, tap on ‘Download your Information’ of your off-Facebook activities.

  • You can click on Clear History to delete the data Facebook has collected and saved from different apps. Apps will disappear.
  • Click on “Manage Future Activity” after you have clicked on ‘More options’  
  • Tap again on Manage Future Activity and tap on Future Off-Facebook Activity.

The same steps can be followed by IOS users. By following the above steps the users won’t be receiving personalized advertisements based on their daily online activity. 

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