Nothing speaks better to a professional than a big screen, 4K display, and a high performing machine which is comprised in the all-new HP Laptop Envy 15. Work from Home has raised the importance of technology and internetworking. At the same time, life has also made it important to have a great laptop to maintain an adequate workflow. Usually, a basic laptop is good enough for documents, emails, and presentations but HP Envy 15 is much more than that. If a person is a gamer, a graphic designer, or a video editor it is of utmost importance to have a laptop that is furnished with advanced technology and a perfect user experience.

Amazing Features of HP Envy 15

Outstanding Designs

The appearance of HP Envy 15 is so appealing and attractive that it symbolizes class and elegance. The HP ENVY 15 is smooth and polished with a matte silver finish. The metallic HP logo on its display lid is eye-catching. The keyboard is fascinating to look at as it has simple bouncy white backlit keys and speaker grills on both ends. There exist a big touchpad and a fingerprint reader within the keyboard that makes it user-friendly and advanced. You can enable touchscreen via two options. It offers gaming-class thermals – a vapor chamber and two 12-volt fans which also makes it an awesome gaming device.

Performance is the Key

The great HP Envy 15 offers the best versatility and mobility to the user and wins his heart with its outstanding performance. Nobody will like a paused screen or display which is boring to look at. With a high resolution and a high powered processor, this laptop is perfectly capable of managing the heavy load of work whether it’s for a video editor, designer, or gamer. If we talk about the tabs or the functioning of the software and apps like Photoshop, Slack, Chrome, Illustrator, and After Effects, everything works with ease just like butter. The stereo speakers provide loud and clear audio tuned by Bang & Olufsen, which is ideal when it comes to video editing. It sounds perfect even while one listens to music during their free time or downtime. HP Laptops Envy 15 is innovated and designed to help unleash the power of the human mind and

Size Matters

Why adjust with such small screens or displays which are sensitive enough to get broken easily. Get used to working on a big screen, and work feasibly on the 15.6-inch display screen which is a victory over gazing into small screens and bending your body postures. The 4K OLED display is beautifully designed with bright, vivid colors and deep blacks, which makes things on the screen look amazing.

To Be Recommended

If 2020 has ever been good enough then it is now when HP Envy 15 has come up with so many beautiful and advanced features. HP Laptops Envy 15 is a choice of many and is a must to buy especially for the workaholics. It comes up with a large-sized screen, battery power, and speed. For anyone who is more into photoshops and video editing, this machine is an awesome gift of technology. No matter where you are working, if it’s your home, office, or a coffee shop, HP Envy 15 is not less than a heaven for the tech freaks. Experience the functioning of your system with great speed and ease.

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