Tips For Planning A Wedding Under ₹5 Lakhs


A proposed bill in the Lok Sabha stipulates a ₹5 Lakh limit on wedding budgets to prevent extravagant and wasteful events that cripple finances.

While this might still be a proposal, not a passed bill, it makes you think. How to plan a wedding for less than ₹5 Lakhs? Read on to find out!

You can have a beautiful wedding without spending a little fortune. Since the pandemic, many people have begun choosing smaller, more private events than large, extravagant weddings.

A Marriage Loan is always an option for those who need financial assistance to pay for their wedding. Wedding-related costs are covered by these loans, similar to Personal Loans. But let us assume you want to get married and don’t want to spend more than ₹5 Lakhs. Consider these easy but practical tips:

– Budget Meticulously:

Weddings have a well-earned reputation for going over budget. Starting a wedding fund as soon as you can is a great idea. The next step is to consolidate your expenses into an Excel spreadsheet. Setting aside money for unexpected costs is another trick to keep yourself ready. Keeping track of where and how much you spend on your wedding is essential. A precise budget will help you identify the significant and minor sources of your spending. Once you have all the information, you can think of ways to save costs. If you don’t have the means to pay for it, and especially if you’re hard pressed for time, you can apply for an instant Personal Loan online.

– Plan your wedding in the off-season:

You can save a lot of money by having your wedding in the summer. The known expensive months for weddings are between November and February. In the off-season, you stand to save a lot of money on these. Venues, decorators, photographers, and caterers, among others, will be more affordable to hire.

– Keep it an intimate affair:

A large number of guests would mean a significant amount of money. If you want your wedding to be for those who matter most, you can limit invitations to close family and friends.

– Try Unique Locations. 

Make things exciting by booking a cost-efficient cottage resort near the city. You might even have the wedding at a farm owned by a friend or relative. This way, you get the wedding location at a low cost or even free. You could also try tying the knot where you first met your significant other.  

– Hire a local wedding planner

You may not have the time to research vendors who work with your budget. If you’d rather have someone else handle the logistics, consider hiring a wedding planner in your area. Communicate your standards openly and watch for compliance. You could ask someone close, like your family member, who is willing to take responsibility for the same.

– Send Digital Invites:

Instead of sending expensive invitation cards, consider sending out electronic invitations. Instead of sending paper invitations, you can use digital invites. You can send these e-invites over WhatsApp and email. Make sure to follow up with direct dials.

– Hire a local Caterer:

One last piece of advice for organising a wedding is to hire a caterer to come to your home. Hiring such services is more cost-effective instead of expensive caterers for a wedding. As a precaution, double-check the quality of all the food served.

– Merge Wedding Functions:

Indians and their religions are known for various wedding customs. The best way to save money is to merge closed customs and have it on the same day. This way, you can have the wedding and reception together while having the engagement and mehendi at home in small get-togethers.


It might be stressful to assume financial responsibility for an expensive event like a wedding. Therefore, a Marriage Loan may aid your wedding expenses. A Personal Loan for a wedding can help you pay with little hassle. Borrowers can go online to determine their qualifications for a Personal Loan and submit an application afterwards.

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