Tips & Ideas To Host Perfect Virtual Meetings


Virtual meetings found a skyrocketing demand amidst Covid -19. Immediately turning online was a big task for many companies and organizations, & especially if we talk about Virtual Meetings, it suffered many drawbacks. Traditional meetings, had a poor organization, bloated timeslots, and disinterested attendees. They also suffered from problems like intermittent delays, connectivity issues, and the dreaded patterns of ongoing gaps. Don’t fall into the trap of having meetings for the sake of having meetings. Instead, before scheduling a call, make sure you have applied all possible ways to make your virtual meeting a perfect one. To host a better virtual meeting here are a few ideas to pursue. 

#1 Fix or Improve Quality of Video Calls

If your video suffers from stuttering or other technical issues, it can disrupt and compromise an otherwise effective meeting. Check your virtual meeting service provider and see if there are any inherent issues with them. If you’re using a problematic platform, chances are good there will be many customers like you complaining about the quality of service. Consider switching to a different provider if you have consistent issues that appear to be unfixable. 

#2 Limit the length of meetings 

Conventional wisdom says that people can’t concentrate for long periods without a break. Therefore, limit the length of your virtual meetings. 

If your meeting really needs to be longer, then build in a 10-minute break halfway through for people to stretch their legs and refresh their cup of coffee. You should aim for the smallest meeting size possible.

#3 Create an Agenda 

Create an agenda and send it to all participants before the meeting, giving them the opportunity to come back to you with any additions or amends. Your agenda should highlight what you plan to cover and how long each section will take. That means politely cutting people off if they are “monologuing” and bringing people back on track if they start to diverge the topic. 

#4 Use a Talking Stick 

Interruptions during the virtual meeting can minimize them with a “talking stick” approach. You can keep everyone muted until it’s their turn to speak and encourage your participants to avoid including questions unless necessary. Make use of text chat as a backup for conversation and share insights without people talking over one another. When you create your meeting agenda, build in a few minutes at the beginning or end for general conversation and catching up. Work associates about non-work topics builds connection, enhances collaboration, and allows you to nurture stronger working relationships. 

#5 Plan Attendance Efficiently 

You should plan the attendance of each meeting carefully. Fewer participants, fewer opportunities, this will be for the interruption and the fewer total hours you’ll spend on the meeting. On top of that, it’s important to ensure that each attendant is able to participate fully. Inform them about the nature of the meeting in advance and ensure they have everything they need to connect efficiently, including updated software, physical equipment, and the knowledge of how to join.

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