Tips To Effectively Manage Your Virtual Team


A virtual team is a group of people who participate in common projects. They perform their tasks in a virtual work environment created and maintained through IT and software technologies. The covid-19 pandemic impacted the lives of countless people around the world. Many businesses are facing the challenge of remaining productive while working from remote locations. Here Are Few Tips For Effectively Managing Your Virtual Team.

#1 Create a Virtual Work Culture

Create a virtual work culture by understanding the value in remote working, create or refine your company values, communicate your culture, welcome new employees in front of the entire team. encourage an environment of open communication and feedback. set expectations on communication methods. Even though employees may be migrated across different locations, it is important to make virtual teams feel unified just as a physical team would.  

#2 Coordinate in Regular Meetings

Coordinate in regular meetings virtually actively encouraged to participate and share the update with the team on their current status meetings will be the main forum where your team will be together, this is also the opportunity that you as a manager have to be creative with shared activities that can encourage relationships and bonding. Consider the opportunity to reward the team for a job well done with a gift that everyone receives individually but opens collectively in the meeting.

#3 Define Tasks and Process

Define every task to your team do not stick in just goals and roles. The key to managing virtual teams is to clearly and consistently communicate expectations around goals, roles, tasks, and processes. Because people are working remotely, there is more opportunity for distraction or miscommunication. With regular reminders and communication, virtual teams can be just as effective as they are in the office.

#4 Implement Right Communication Technology

Communication technology is very important to keep a team functioning smoothly. An excellent video conference tool is a must for conducting virtual meetings among remote workers. Some of the great tools for virtual teams to connect over are Zoom, Google Meet, or Google Hangouts. A chat tool for a virtual team to help continue their relationship building. Slack and Skype are extremely helpful for virtual knowledge sharing. A virtual meeting scheduling app (such as Google Calendar) for remote team members to stay updated on each other’s schedules. Document/Resources accessibility is a massive part of making remote work feasible and sharing information. Services to share documents are provided by many, but the more popular ones seem to be Google Drive and Dropbox. An agile project management tool is the best thing that you can invest in right now. Not only will it help your team keep track of the upcoming projects, but it will also hold everyone accountable for their goals and tasks.

#5 Be Strong But Flexible

One of the main advantages for employees is flexibility. It’s important to recognize this and maintain a flexible work environment with work that needs to be done. Establishing core hours in conjunction with task-oriented work scheduling can increase productivity. Core hours ensure team members can contact each other and anticipate responses, even across different time zones, while task-oriented productivity goals allow for individual flexibility in time management. Implement training for your employees which is very important while doing work from home.

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