Tips To Keep Your Dogs Healthy and Warm for Winters


Winter is all-time low and the chill in the air becomes unbearable. Winter is not only for humans but for our pets too. It is our responsibility to think about our pets’ safety and comfort during the cold. Some dog breeds thrive in the winter, but, just like people, not all canines love colder weather.

Here are some tips to keep your dogs healthy, warm for winters.

#1 Space for Sleep 

During winters shift your dog to a warm and comfortable place for sleeping. If a dog’s bed is near a window, it could get very cold during the night. A dog’s, bed, or pad should be in a warm place and away from a cold place. Since pets typically sleep on the ground, during winter you should shift them to a warm place. This helps to ensure proper rest and prevent illness. 

#2 Drinking water change often

Everyone feels thirsty, and so do your pets. Even your dogs feel thirsty, especially during winters. It’s advisable to replace the old water with fresh water, room-temperature water every 2-3 hours.

#3 Comb More Bath Less

During winter, reduce the number of baths you give to your dog. You can try spray shampoo and go more for a comb. But, do not focus on regular combing this can lead to flaky, itchy skin of your dog.

#4 Check on Paws

Check your dog paws. After each walk, make sure to wash and dry your pet’s feet and stomach massages them with petroleum jelly into your pet’s paw pads before going outside to help protect from salt and chemical agents. Be sure you always wash your dog’s paws after a walk. Dogs regularly lick their paws.

#5 Take care of your Dog

Take care of your dog during winters, keep your pet indoors, and, wrap up them in woolens. You should feed your pet a little extra in the winter months. Give time to your dogs as it’s very important for them to play because it keeps them active.

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